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Know-how about the bookshelves

How do you organize your book collection? All modern bookshelves have ample design options. Check out these living ideas and create a great shelfie!

Bookcase in white and turquoise bookcase system

Bookshelf in white and turquoise

It’s advisable to bring more color into play: paint the back of your bookcase for a fresh accent. Add letters, flower pots and other decorative items to the overall picture.

Sensible shelf position bookshelf individually beige dining room

Sensible shelf position

The dead corners can also be used cleverly: the shelves with their shallow depths are ideal for this. Even the color has been adapted to the interior here. So you won’t worry about possible niche solutions.

Clever use of space-ceiling-high shelving system ladder

Clever use of space

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are always the right choice! Tall, interestingly designed bookshelves are not just for Harry Potter fans! The ladder is the icing on the cake in the perfect overall picture. Now you feel like a real hero!

Contemporary decor of the living room-TV furniture Bookcase white modern

Contemporary furnishings in the living room

The television should not play the main role in the interior design. The built-in shelves allow the artful display of your books and the functional use of the available height.

Your own library with elegant desk shelves

Own library with built-in desk

Do you want your own home office? This can be done with the help of a desk and chair integrated into the built-in shelf.

Cozy reading corner at the window-living room dark blue orange library

Cozy reading corner by the window

Doesn’t that window bench between the bookshelves look inviting? In addition to a small reading corner with a view, there is extra storage space available.

Books for color in the living room-classic living room bookcases white open

Books also add color to this bright living room

Rely on the color effect: a facility in white can be spiced up with the colorful book covers. The books can be rearranged from time to time.

Corridor with bookshelves design-hallway library

Design the corridor with bookshelves

Beautify the hallway: the long corridor looks more comfortable when it is pepped up with books. By the way, you will gain more free space in the other rooms in this way.

Reading corner with cowhide rug-eclectic patchwork bookshelf

Reading corner with a cowhide carpet

Less is more: if you don’t like the tall shelves, a handy bookcase can still hold lots of things. Eclectic decorative items ensure individuality in the interior: an informal effect is achieved through the horizontal and vertical arrangement of the books.

Open wall shelves with great color accents-open wall shelf books arrangement

Open wall shelves with great color accents

Are you into traditional home design? In this case, consider the look of the open wall shelves. They offer a lot of storage space, but they don’t look overwhelming. For this reason, they are often found in modern living spaces.

A bookcase with an eye-catching design can look very attractive. If you want to create an eye catcher in the room, just place a few pretty items on the shelf!

Have we aroused your interest with our design ideas? Let us know!

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