Kold Kutter: Spikes for winter off-road use

Kold Kutter: Spikes for winter off-road use

Kold Kutter: screwable spikesIf you are looking for the ultimate spikes for racing or heavy-duty applications on snow and ice, Kold Kutter screws should be the right choice. Depending on the tire / caterpillar, the American manufacturer offers screws of different lengths, which are made of hardened special steel and can be driven into the lugs with either a hexagon socket or a screwdriver.
Officially, Kold Kutter Spikes are not even allowed to be used on public roads in Austria, which means that the screws are reserved for heavy-duty work away from public roads and for racing.

Heavy duty and racing applications

The Kold Kutter Spikes are available in the web shop > or from Wippro, which charges 44 euros for a pack of 250 pieces and 92 euros for a pack of 1000 pieces. x

Contact: >
Contact: > Wippro /

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