Kronos Putter Net Worth

Kronos Putter Net Worth

Developed by Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams, Kronos Putter is an independent golf company. The company manufactures high-end putters that are made using the finest materials. Each putter is hand polished by craftsmen and is manufactured under computer numeric control. The putter is known for its clean sound and precision. These putters sell for $500.

The company’s mission is to create world-class putters and raise the standard in the putter manufacturing industry. The company has built manufacturing facilities in Japan and supplies the putters to the Japanese market. In the future, the company will try to enter the US market. The company has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. The company is also featured in the British Golf Museum.

Kronos Putter is sold in select golf stores and online. The putter is made from solid metal billets, which are hand polished. The company’s website outlines three types of putters: the Honotori, the Honotori Left and the Mr. Wonderful. Each putter is crafted by the finest craftsmen in the world. The company claims that the putters offer the highest degree of precision.

Kronos Golf has been featured on Shark Tank. The show airs on Sundays after American Idol. The co-founders of the company sought investment of $150,000 for 15% of the company. They got this investment from Robert Herjavec on the show. They are now seeking a larger investment. The company currently has a net worth of $5 million. Its market capitalization is calculated by multiplying the current stock price with the number of outstanding shares.

The company is also working on developing a new material that will be ultra-lightweight and durable. It is expected that the company will earn approximately $2-$3 million in sales this year. However, they have not released any revenue figures for the past few years. The founders are also seeking expansion capital for the company. They are likely looking for help in getting into sporting goods stores.

The company has been successful in Japan, where the putters sell for $300. The company is working with a Japanese fabric manufacturer. They will be releasing new materials for the new year. This is expected to boost the company’s sales. Kronos putters are sold by Callaway, Adidas and Nike.

The founders of Kronos, Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams, pitched their golf business on Shark Tank. The show had a lot of emotional moments as they portrayed the journey of their company. Phillip’s fiancee’s parents didn’t approve of his appearance on the show. The parents of Phillip’s fiancee are opposed to his dream of getting a job in the US.

Philip Lapuz graduated from the University of California in San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree. He worked as a software developer and an instructor for other golf brands. He also studied economics in Japan. He later married Tara Lapuz and they are expecting a child. Philip Lapuz is also a golf industry expert. He started Kronos Golf Company in 2010. The company is currently located in San Diego, California.

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