Kyle Lowry Net Worth

Kyle Lowry Net Worth

There is no denying that Kyle Lowry has been a superstar point guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for many years. With a number of appearances in the All-Star Game, as well as his achievements on the court, he has earned millions of dollars and is widely regarded as one of the most successful players in the league.

Although he has made a name for himself in the NBA, Kyle Lowry is more than just a basketball player. The 28-year-old has also carved out a reputation for himself as an entrepreneur. As the founder and president of the Lowry Love Foundation, he is actively involved in helping improve lives of underprivileged communities. He has also been involved with a series of other charitable endeavors. In 2018, he donated $1 million to Villanova. Moreover, he partnered with Wholesome Ice Cream to start a juice company.

Before starting his professional basketball career, Kyle Lowry was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a single-parent household with an absentee father. His mother raised him after his parents split up when he was three. At age seventeen, his elder brother Lonnie Cornish-Lowry, who was five years older than he is, took care of his younger brother. During this time, Lowry began to show interest in baseball.

Following his success in college, Lowry was selected as the 24th pick of the 2006 NBA draft by the Memphis Grizzlies. After his debut season, Lowry was traded to the Houston Rockets. It was during this time that Lowry enjoyed a breakout season, averaging a staggering 13.5 points and 6.7 assists per game.

After the 2008-2009 season, Lowry returned to the Raptors. A few months later, he signed a four-year contract with the team for $23.5 million. This was matched by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who offered Lowry a lucrative contract of their own. On July 13, 2010, Lowry became a restricted free agent, which means that he is eligible to sign with another team during the off-season.

Despite his success in the NBA, Kyle Lowry has been linked to several other teams. Recently, he has been rumored to be considering a move to the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the former NBA player has denied any such rumors.

Currently, Lowry is set to earn over $28 million in the 2021-22 season. His net worth is estimated at $55 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Throughout his career, Lowry has been paid millions of dollars through endorsements, as well as by the franchise.

While it’s unlikely that Lowry will retire any time soon, he may well become a free agent. Luckily for him, the Toronto Raptors have a strong roster, and there’s a good chance that he could be re-signed to a long-term deal. Depending on whether or not he accepts that offer, he might be able to help the team rebuild with younger stars. Until then, Lowry can rest easy knowing that he has the opportunity to continue to grow as an athlete, and to give back to the community in which he lives.

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