Lance Luce

Lance Luce is an internationally acclaimed theatre organist. His performances can be found across the United States, England and Australia and on his staff at Detroit’s Fox and Redford theatres as well as serving as church organist and recording artist.

He has also played for years at “pizza parlor” style restaurants – two in Michigan and the Organ Grinder in Toronto Canada.

Early Life and Education

Lance Luce began playing theatre pipe organ at age 10 during movie theatre intermissions at a local movie theatre. Later he studied piano, guitar and cello before winning a national organ competition at age 18. Following this win he began performing at several “pizza parlor” restaurants with theatre pipe organs in Warren Michigan, Pontiac Michigan and Toronto Canada.

W.A. Swanberg and Lance Morrow, two biographers of Henry Luce, recently met to discuss the man in the building that bears his name. Both agreed that Luce was an intriguing individual who remains controversial to this day; for instance he was highly critical of both Stalin and Mao before their reputations had become as stained; additionally he took an opposing viewpoint toward Hiss’ case, making him unpopular among some groups.

Professional Career

Lance is an award-winning theatre organist renowned for performing concerts throughout the US, UK and Australia as well as accompanying silent films extensively. Currently on staff at Detroit’s Fox and Redford Theatre.

Time magazine became immensely popular among college-educated Americans thanks to its open political bias and wide coverage, but when Hadden died in 1929, Luce took control and established his own media empire.

Luce and his sister publications – Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Architectural Forum and House and Home – enjoyed great success during the 1920s. His readership increased greatly by covering important world events like Lindbergh’s kidnapping. Furthermore, Luce even supported candidates running for President. These efforts earned him national renown.

Achievement and Honors

Lance Luce is an internationally acclaimed theater organist who has played hundreds of concerts across the United States, Canada, England and Australia. His concerts are celebrated for appealing to audiences of all ages while providing an extensive variety of musical styles.

In 2014 he was honored by the American Theatre Organ Society with Organist of the Year honors. Besides serving on staff organist at Detroit Michigan’s Fox and Redford theatres – as well as Radio City Music Hall where he regularly performs on their world-class Wurlitzer organ – he has also made regular performances at Radio City Music Hall (New York).

Luce was honored with the Linz Award, established in 1924 by Simon Linz of Linz Jewelers and now considered one of Dallas’ highest civic accolades. On Wednesday afternoon he received this distinction at a special ceremony.

Personal Life

He was an iconic magazine publisher, philanthropist and art collector whose family’s wealth allowed him to travel the world with ease. Luce’s insatiable curiosity drove him to cofound Time magazine with Briton Hadden and later purchase Life; through this, Luce produced Man of the Year features (which are now often covered on social media platforms and podcasts) as well as other thought provoking news items in Time.

Peter Williams is an Alaska Native artist and advocate who will interview elders from his community regarding Yup’ik creation mythology as well as their perspective on 1971’s Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Additionally, he will document their craft of marine mammal fur work.

Net Worth

He is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million, earned mainly from YouTube videos, social media posts, and undiscovered sources.

He often uploads videos about his daily life and activities onto his self-titled YouTube channel, including vlogs, SML videos, and other forms of engaging content.

Luce is an engaging and diverse entertainer with a very charming personality. A gymnast by trade, Luce excels at high wire scrolling, hand adjusting and parkour; speaking English and French fluently; performing theatre organ concerts all over the world for local chapters of American Theatre Organ Society – performing hundreds of shows across United States, Canada England and Australia alone!

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