Lance Oliver

Lance Oliver

Lance Oliver represents smokers in cases against tobacco manufacturers, recently winning one client a $1.5 Million* verdict against tobacco companies. Lance is also an attorney at Miller & Martin Law firm.

At the 2019 Arrowverse crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” several characters were brought back, such as Earth-2 version of Laurel Lance known as Black Siren (played by Cassidy). Cassidy took up this version, intended as more comic-accurate version.

Early Life and Education

Oliver informs Laurel that Dinah, whom he eventually married, was his first romantic interest. Though they remain very close today, Oliver acknowledges their complicated romance was often difficult.

He is an advocate for social justice and has served on various non-profit boards. Additionally, he has written articles and been interviewed on radio shows discussing various topics.

He has extensive experience representing unions, public pension funds and institutional investors in securities fraud class actions at both trial and appellate levels. Additionally, he possesses expertise in decedent estates administration, ERISA compliance law and copyright laws; copyright litigation; as well as personal injury litigation. With a reputation for being tough yet honest he is a member of both University of Memphis Law Review and Moot Court Board.

Professional Career

Lance Oliver serves as President at Oliver Signs Plus Inc and is responsible for meeting its objectives as well as managing its team of employees.

After Laurel was discovered at Iron Heights Prison, Quentin met with Lance to explain that he believed Peter to be innocent of Sara’s murder and later agreed with Laurel when she accused Oliver of covering up Sara’s demise.

At the Arrowcave, Quentin informed Lance that Damien needed him close to Darhk and, reluctantly agreeing, Lance reluctantly worked for Damien. Later he was ordered by Liza Warner and other task force members to unlock a drug warehouse nearby.

Oliver boasts an ideal combination of speed, strength, and instincts that enables him to excel as both a safety or linebacker in the NFL. More likely than not he will play under schemes that emphasize early disruption and tackling.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver is widely recognized for his theater performances and awards such as knighthood and life peerage. Additionally, he has made appearances in films and television programs such as an adaptation of Wuthering Heights and three Shakespeare films.

Laurel investigates a murder when she meets China White, whose father is associated with Martin Somers who has connections to Chinese Triad criminal society. Laurel suspects Somers ordered his murder; Oliver trains Helena as the Black Canary so she may take revenge upon Somers and Martin Somers for ordering it.

In the season eight premiere, Oliver encounters Laurel on Earth-2 and works alongside Adrian Chase / The Hood to prevent an antimatter bomb plot hatched by Tommy Merlyn/ Dark Archer from destabilizing all multiverses.

Personal Life

Lance Oliver has always carried himself with pride and style, exuding high self-esteem and boasting of high self-worth. With such self-assurance and charm at his command, Lance makes for an outstanding skirt chaser with an excellent success rate.

Once, Oliver hit Laurel after she paid for her father’s drinks at a bar. Oliver also berated her for continuing to associate with Oliver and his group after what had happened with her sister.

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Oliver helped save Earth-2 Laurel as she came to know and trust him as her own father. Sadly, Oliver and Felicity were devastated at his sudden death which was later laid to rest at Green Arrow Cemetery in Star City.

Net Worth

Lance Oliver has amassed an estimated net worth of over five million dollars through professional wrestling and his investments in business ventures. Additionally, he owns health clubs and has won multiple state and national bodybuilding competitions.

Amell has amassed tremendous star power through his starring role on Arrow, allowing him to reap financial benefits of his popularity. It is reported that he earned a reported salary per episode and his total earnings are believed to exceed $5 Million.

Paul Blackthorne has played Quentin Lance with impressive grace throughout his time on Arrow, gradually accepting Oliver’s vigilante crusade after initially resisting. Today, Quentin plays an integral part as both an advocate for daughter Laurel and supporter of Oliver. Additionally, his appearances on ER and 24 have greatly expanded his success onscreen.

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