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The Gross Sportcaravan SP 5000 is the new model from Gross Trailer GmbH from Hanhofen near Speyer. The brand itself appeared at Messe Stuttgart (CMT) last year in 2015. The exciting thing is that the idea of ​​the transport caravan is consistently implemented. The large range currently includes three basic models. You can easily pack your ATV or quad into the brand new Gross Sportcaravan SP 5000. The complete living area makes long camping, sports or active holidays including ATV and quad possible.

Large Sportcaravan SP 5000: alternative to the classic mobile home

The most recent model at Gross is the SP 5000 Plus based on a box trailer from WM Meyer Fahrzeugbau, which is specially configured: the axles are in place Big Sportcaravan SP 5000: Garage and living room are separated from each otherbecause of the large rear loading space further back than with the cargo trailer. Like all sports caravans, the 5000 consists of a GRP sandwich with a PU core and an uninsulated screen-printed floor. Following inquiries from dog sled teams, the manufacturer Gross is currently considering the possibility of insulating this as well. A heater is already available.
In the largest model, the SP 5000 Plus, the living area and transport area each share half the floor space – the SP 4000 has a shorter loading space. The two rooms are separated from each other so that no petrol vapors or the like can get into the living room. The quad garage can be reached via a double-leaf door with espagnolette lock. The huge cargo space can Large Sportcaravan SP 5000: alternative to the classic mobile homeCan be equipped with various transport aids on request – from the simple lashing eyelet to a loading and securing slide. The payload of the 2.7 tonne double axle is up to 1,450 kilograms.
The simply designed living room can be reached via a large side door. The heart of the extension is a dinette with two benches: one of them is empty, the other contains a fresh water tank with a capacity of 125 liters. The 2.15 x 1.85 meter bed is pulled over the seating area. The kitchen and the bathroom are appropriately equipped.

Price and information: for the large sports caravan SP 5000

The Gross Sportcaravan SP 5000 Plus comes with its basic equipment at a retail price of 23,499 euros. The body length / width is 5.00 / 2.40 meters, the curb weight is 1,350 kg. A total mass of 2,700 kg is permitted, so a maximum of 1,350 kg can be loaded. There is space for 4 people in the Large Sportcaravan SP 5000 Plus.

The smaller one: Gross Sportcaravan SP 3000

Large Sportcaravan SP 5000: transport trailer based on solid box trailersThe smallest trailer in the range is the Gross Sportcaravan SP 3000 Plus. It rolls on a mono axle as standard. A tandem axle with a payload of 1,400 kg is available for a corresponding surcharge. The transport volume of the 3000 version is hardly inferior to the 5000 version, but the payload is lower at 700 kg. The curb weight is 600 kg. The biggest difference is that the living area is not separated from the garage part. The retail price of the SP 3000 Plus is 8,999 euros. chk

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