Larry Station

Larry Station Elected to the College Football Hall of Fame

Larry Station of Omaha, Nebraska earned all-time tackler and two-time consensus All-American honors during his time with Iowa University’s linebacking unit and has been honored with induction into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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Early Life and Education

Larry was raised in a military family, moving frequently between different “Forts”. This lifestyle instilled him with an adventurous mindset and the belief that anything is possible.

After graduating high school, he started working in his father’s restaurant business. This experience taught him what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur; not through hard work alone but instead with smart decision making and strategic management of resources.

Larry made history in 2022 as the first private space traveler ever to reach the International Space Station as part of Axiom Mission 1. He collaborated with both Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic on various medical experiments relating to aging, hypertension and spines conducted in microgravity; additionally providing live broadcasts directly from space station back down to schools worldwide.

Professional Career

Station was one of Iowa’s greatest linebackers in its history, earning four All Big Ten selections and two consensus All American selections in his five seasons of play. He amassed 492 tackles – 308 of them solo stops – throughout his career.

Station is best remembered for his dramatic play during an Iowa vs No. 2 Michigan match at Kinnick Stadium in 1985, when they were tied 10-10 in the closing minutes and faced third and two from their 25-yard line – when Station anticipated running back Jamie Morris’ handoff and dropped him for two-yard loss, forcing a Michigan punt.

After his Iowa career was complete, Station spent one season playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. When his NFL stint ended he returned home and eventually took over ownership of his family’s corner grocery store in Omaha.

Achievement and Honors

Station was an outstanding linebacker for Iowa, garnering many honors during his career – two All-American nods and an All-Big Ten selection among them. Additionally, he helped lead them to win their inaugural Big Ten Championship in 1984!

Station was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska – just across the river from Iowa – before attending Omaha Central High School where he excelled at both football and track sports, earning two varsity letters each sport as well as winning state titles in shot put and discus throw events.

Station made the decisive play in late September 1983 against Michigan, tackling running back Jamie Morris for two-yard loss and forcing them into punting their game.

Personal Life

Doctors swear an oath of care for their patients. Military recruits take an oath to defend their nation. Larry Connor lives by his core values and principles; all his decisions are guided by an inner sense of responsibility and self-accountability.

He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, attending Omaha Central High School where he excelled at both football and track & field – winning state shot put championships his junior and senior years while setting state discus throw records.

While on board the International Space Station, he collaborated with leading medical experts from Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic on various experiments related to heart, brain, spine, aging and more. In addition, live broadcasts with schoolchildren from Ohio and Texas provided him an opportunity to encourage future generations not to give up their dreams.

Net Worth

Larry King has amassed an estimated $50 Million net worth through his career as a radio and television host. Starting out earning fifty dollars weekly from WAHR, his skills and reputation gradually expanded over time.

After his time with Sly and the Family Stone, Graham created Graham Central Station (a play on words for Grand Central Station) and released several hits – helping increase both his net worth and contribute to the development of funk, psychedelic music, and rock genres.

He is a multi-millionaire with multiple business interests. Additionally, he has extensive philanthropic activities supporting various charities. Additionally, he has been married multiple times with children from prior relationships; Shawn Southwick became his partner in 2013 and they are currently living together in California.

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