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Last minute Halloween decoration – great DIY projects for a fun scary party

This coming weekend, millions of people around the world will be celebrating the horror festival. It is affirmed by some and denied by others, but in recent years it has also established itself in our everyday lives. Halloween is especially fun for the kids who move from house to house in search of candy in the neighborhood. That is why you have to festively decorate your four walls and the outside area in front of your front door. Sure, pre-purchased decorative items are great for Halloween, although you often have to dig deep into your pocket for them. But if you are in a bind, you can make beautiful last minute Halloween decorations yourself. In today’s article we will show you exactly such decoration ideas that you can quickly create yourself at the last minute. You don’t need expensive materials or a lot of time for this. In addition, the DIY Halloween decoration projects don’t always look scary, but rather funny.

Here you will find a lot of inspiration and great last minute Halloween decoration ideas

Last Minute Halloween Deko

… for a fun and amusing horror party!

Last Minute Halloween Deko ideen

Last minute Halloween decorations are easy to imitate

Below we present you over 25 easy and cool ways. Decorate your home for Halloween. You don’t have to cover yourself completely in fake blood to create a creepy atmosphere at home. Use plastic skulls, bats, cats and the like made of cardboard and dented foam pumpkins that you didn’t throw away last year. Enrich your last minute Halloween decoration with creatively painted pumpkins, photo backdrops with pictures of witches, bags full of sweets, etc. Let yourself be fascinated by the next creepy and spectacular DIY craft ideas and spend a fun and amusing scary party with your loved ones!

Start by decorating the doorway with painted pumpkins.

Last Minute Halloween Party Ideen

Don’t those fake cactus pumpkins look funny?

Halloween deko basteln

Colorful pumpkins with small hats – a great last minute Halloween decoration for the mantelpiece.

Halloween Deko selber machen

These colorful pumpkins are really easy and quick to decorate.

Last Minute DIY Halloween Dekoration

Great ideas for your last minute Halloween decoration at home

Autumn time is pumpkin time! But exactly at the end of October pumpkins are in high season. They are not only popular in the kitchen, but are also an absolute must for autumn decorations. They can be seen everywhere at the horror festival – in front of the front door, on the mantelpiece, on a side table in the living room or in the kitchen. We find the last minute Halloween ideas with pumpkins, which are made using the decoupage technique, very successful. They represent interesting highlights in every decoration for the horror festival.

Decoupage pumpkin – a real eye-catcher on the table!

Last Minute Halloween Deko Decoupage Kurbis richtiger Hingucker auf dem Tisch

Anyone can decorate a white pumpkin in their own way and style.

Last Minute Halloween Deko schon geschmuckter weiser Kurbis toller Blickfang

There couldn’t be a scary festival without pumpkins!

Last Minute Halloween Deko drei Kurbisse aufeinander gestapelt ohne Kurbisse kein Gruselfest moglich

In addition to pumpkins, there are many other ideas you can come up with in the last minute before the horror festival. For example, make little ghosts out of paper, complete the wall decoration with witch silhouette pictures or use a golden-colored skull as a candle holder. The next pictures can serve as a good source of inspiration for such last minute Halloween decoration ideas.

Small ghosts in white and black as wall decorations

Last Minute Halloween Deko kleine Gespenster weis schwarz als Wanddekoration

Witches silhouettes pictures also decorate the wall for Halloween.

Last Minute Halloween Deko Hexen Silhouetten Bilder schmucken die Wand zum Gruselfest

Gold-colored skulls made of plastic can be transformed into candlesticks.

Last Minute Halloween Deko Gold gefarbter Totenschadel aus Plastik in Kerzenstander verwandelt

With this Halloween bingo, the little guests will have fun at the horror festival.

Last Minute Halloween Deko Halloween Bingo fur kleine Gaste am Gruselfest

You can quickly draw funny pictures together with the little ones and use them as decoration.

Last Minute Halloween Deko lustige Bilder zum Gruselfest schnell machen mit Kindern als Deko benutzen

The little ones are especially happy about these little bags of sweets.

Last Minute Halloween Deko kleine Tuten mit Susigkeiten bereiten den Kindern viel Freude

The horror party can start right away with the following last minute Halloween decoration ideas!

Not only the children are happy about the horror festival. Adults also want to have some fun with it. A buffet with colorful sweets, scary-looking drinks and great table decorations are just part of Halloween. This means that every host can create a happy room atmosphere where all party guests feel comfortable and have fun! Surprise your friends with colorful balloons with artificial eyes painted on them. Straws decorated with a little paper bat can also have a great effect and decorate your drinks glasses. A cake shouldn’t be missing either. The next pictures will help you to get excited about a last minute Halloween decoration! Despite a lack of time, you can have a nice, colorful and funny horror festival! We wish that too!

All guests will be pleasantly surprised!

Last Minute Halloween Deko modern ideen

Last Minute Halloween Deko gedeckter Tisch gruselige Happchen Sandwiches und Susigkeiten

Last Minute Halloween Deko Beistelltisch festlich gedeckt zwei schwarze Kerzen Girlanden an der Wand

The party mood is here! Let the scary party begin!

Last Minute Halloween Deko festlich gedeckter Esstisch viele Farben Party Stimmung

From the drinks….

Last Minute Halloween Deko gruselig aussehende Getranke grasgrun

Last Minute Halloween Deko Strohhalm mit schwarzer Fledermaus geschmuckt im Getrankeglas

… everything is right here, right down to the cake!

Last Minute Halloween Deko schicke weise Torte schone Wanddeko schwarze Kugeln goldene Elemente

Happy Halloween!

Last Minute Halloween Deko bunte Finger mit langen Nageln gruselige Deko

Last Minute Halloween Deko amusanter Schmuck ein Fusballspiel aus dem Kurbis

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