Leah Oliver

Leah Oliver

Leah Oliver specializes in helping buyers locate their ideal home. She prides herself on developing close personal relationships with all her clients.

On September 11th 2001, she was on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center when an aircraft bearing hijackers attacked. She is survived by her husband Tommy and children Lane and Loren.

Early Life and Education

Leah is an ancient Hebrew name meaning “weary.” Since medieval times it has been popularly used to name girls.

She graduated from Kamloops Senior Secondary with French immersion and was active in field hockey, skiing, judo and soccer – in addition to participating in school drama programs and being elected onto Student Council.

She exudes Southern charm and has an affectionate bond with her three daughters – Ali (11), Aleeah (9), and Adalynn Faith (10). She strives to ensure they all experience childhood without being pressured into decisions too quickly or compromised by drugs.

Professional Career

Leah Oliver is an experienced businesswoman who understands the value of hard work and dedication. As a Chartered Accountant, Business Advisor, and Tax Agent she established Minnik in 2009 with the mission of helping others realize their dreams and goals.

Leah prides herself on offering her customers an enjoyable and personalized shopping experience. She works to get to know each of them individually, getting an understanding of why they like what they like so that she can provide options that will suit their needs best.

She joined LGS in 2022 and is dedicated to connecting plants with people to foster conservation-minded sustainable communities. Additionally, she enjoys herbalism and naturopathic healing; her favorite native plant being Lobelia Cardinalis. Furthermore, she’s part of an LGS chapter as well as being involved with BNI chapters locally.

Achievement and Honors

Leah Oliver is an extremely accomplished student who has earned many honors during her short life. This accomplishment includes receiving the University Medal – awarded annually to one graduating senior for outstanding scholarship, community service, and promise of future scholarly contribution to society.

Leah won the Griffin Society Award, honoring outstanding undergraduate teaching by regular or associate faculty. Leah enjoyed running, especially across Brooklyn Bridge. Her family recalls her fondly.

She is currently pursuing her BFA in Music Composition from Schreyer Scholars with an emphasis on musical composition, German minoring and diversity studies certification. Her compositions incorporate various instruments and explore sociopolitical themes.

Personal Life

Oliver was known for her many talents and accomplishments, according to her family. She participated in student government as well as field hockey, softball, and basketball at Dartmouth High School before getting accepted by Columbia University with good grades. Additionally, Oliver loved life in New York where she would jog frequently across bridges such as Brooklyn Bridge near her home.

Elizabeth Rego of North Dartmouth found it hard to believe that 10 years had gone by since Sept. 11. She still vividly recalls her daughter as an energetic young person eager to start work at Marsh USA insurance company on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center’s north tower every day.

Rose and Oliver of PVRS attempted to cast students against type in their production of “The Wizard of Oz,” drawing praise for senior Kesandra Rooks from Vernon, Vermont who played Sandy – earning compliments both for her sweetness and sassiness.

Net Worth

Leah Oliver’s net worth is estimated to be close to $1.5 Million. She enjoys great influence and popularity through YouTube and is profiting handsomely as a result.

She also makes a considerable living reporting NFL and NBA sidelines, working for networks like ESPN, TNT, KHOU, WTVT, WAAY and WALB.

She has appeared in multiple television shows and movies including Juno. At present she works as the Content Strategist for Team Sports + Curry Brand at Under Armour where she manages social media accounts as well as photoshoots and product launch campaigns for this brand. Furthermore she is an accomplished singer having performed for multiple Broadway productions with great fan following!

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