Learn To Fly How To Get 6000 Feet

Learn to Fly 3 – How to Get 6000 Feet in the Air

To complete the final challenge in Learn to Fly, you need to get your penguin to 6000 feet in the air. If you can manage to get your penguin to this altitude, a cutscene will play at the end of the game. You can also increase your altitude within the game.

Learn to Fly is a browser-based game featuring a penguin who must fly through steeper inclines. Each stage has objectives, or achievements, that you can complete to earn money for upgrades. You can spend the money you have earned to improve your flight skills when you reach an achievement. These upgrades allow you to reach higher altitudes faster, or to fly longer. There are six upgrades to choose from, and you can earn additional cash by achieving certain goals.

The final challenge in Learn to Fly 3 requires you to reach 6000 feet. There are a few tricks that you can use to reach this height. You can jump twice, then lower the resistance to 0%. This technique can help you achieve the 6000-foot goal in the game. It will also earn you a bonus and cash for your flight research lab.

In addition to using a jetpack or rocket, you can also try flying a glider. It will give you the speed you need to get up to the desired height. During this process, you will also increase your speed to around 190-200 mph. This process can be repeated until you reach the height you desire.

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