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Like Weather is a gem of the mid-’90s downtempo boom. Its dusty, rolling funk is noisy and bursting with life. It’s also available on Rephlex, who recently reissued it. I’m a fan. Here are some reasons to listen to it. Here are a few songs to get you started. But first, be sure to check out the rest of her discography.

The album is full of eerie, lo-fi sounds that echo Prince’s ‘Sign O the Times’. Its melody and beats are off-kilter, which lends itself to the artist’s insular style. Its vocalists are top-notch, including Leila’s sister. It’s an all-encompassing record that feels both analog and digital. It’s a perfect blend of trip-hop, electronic, junglist, and baroque music.

Leila’s album is one of the most underrated electronica/trip-hop records of the decade. Its distorted lo-fi production, hypnotic hooks, and off-kilter melodies make it one of the most unorthodox albums of all time. The singers are top-notch, and the songcraft is unmatched. For instance, Leila’s sister also contributes vocals on ‘Archive’. The production of Like Weather is a masterpiece of remastering, and Luca Santucci, who also worked on Plaid and the ‘Grooves’ soundtrack, was a collaborator on the album. Other collaborators are Herbert and Playgroup.

This album is one of the best electronica/trip-hop albums of all time. Its lo-fi production and off-kilter melody are unparalleled. Its collaborators are also top-notch. On the single ‘Archive’, Leila Arab sings her own sister’s vocals. ‘Like Weather’ is part soul record, part auteuristic sketchpad. It’s 100% fresh and uncompromising.

Like Weather is a masterpiece. It’s a lo-fi electronica/trip-hop album with uncompromising vocals. Its production is all over the place, but it sounds like nothing else. Its sound is insular and loopy, but it’s also inimitable. You’ll love it. It’s a must-have for lovers of the genre. Just beware of the album’s remastering.

Like Weather is a brilliant album for fans of electronica and trip-hop. The album is reminiscent of Prince’s ‘Sign O the Times’, and echoes that same spirit. It’s an utterly unique collection that’s 100% fresh and uncompromising. It’s one of the best electronica/trip-hop albums of all time. Enjoy it. It’ll make you feel better about your life.

Like Weather is one of the best trips-hop albums of the year. It’s swampy lo-fi and uncompromising, but it’s also a fantastic record. Its songs are reminiscent of Prince’s ‘Sign O the Times’ and ‘Sunflowers and Roses’. The album’s sound is also a fusion of folk, electronic, and junglist sounds, which is a great thing.

Like Weather is one of the best electronica/trip-hop albums of the decade. It’s a swampy lo-fi album with off-kilter beats. It sounds like no other album, and it sounds like nothing else. It’s a true masterpiece of acoustic and electronica. And, if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll love this record.

Leila’s Like Weather is the most experimental trip-hop album of the year. It’s a psychedelic, swampy trip-hop album that echoes the sounds of Prince’s ‘Sign O the Times.’ It’s an utterly unique album with no rules and no conventions. It’s an insular, and junglist. And it sounds like nothing else. It feels analog and digital, like a dreamy soul record.

The songs are a mix of synthesizers and vocals. While you might not associate the two together, they do share a lot of common ground. Their music is often described as trip-hop, but it has a unique sound of its own. The album’s title is a misnomer, and it’s also an oxymoron. But, what about the music? Well, it’s an esoteric pop album, and Leila’s voice is not at all like Maxinquaye.

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