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Let yourself be inspired! – Designer washbasins

The designers develop their creativity in a variety of directions. In this case, it is the hand wash basins that are used every day, the design of which skips its functionality. What we see today are living examples of washbasins and washbasins in all imaginable variants and made of different materials. With these great models, the bathroom is transformed into a luxurious wellness oasis.

The classic, namely the ceramic washbasin, comes in numerous shapes: round, angular, or why not in the shape of a cup? The robust material porcelain looks particularly elegant and shiny.
The glass sinks look modern and attractive. The transparency creates an interesting play of light so that even the movement of the draining water appears effective. Different LED lamps could also be introduced. They create color effects and make the water appear blue, red or green.

Designer washbasin glass washbasin black and white

Sink as a design highlight in the bathroom

Cast glass ice blue sink designer

Fascinating bathroom with an emphasis on the glass elements

The uniform design of the bathroom looks very stylish with the matching bathroom and mirror cabinets, especially in combination with selected other bathroom accessories. The hanging washbasin provides more space to move around in the bathroom.

Wall-hung washbasin, simply rectangular

Finished table with built-in washbasin offers a visually pleasant effect

The countertop basins can look very elegant and classy, ​​as well as set great color contrasts.

Countertop washbasin porcelain washbasin wood

Wooden vanity unit and vanity unit

The traditional washbasins can be placed anywhere in the bathroom and look very charming.

Wall-hung ceramic three-hole faucet washbasin

A certain retro flair is achieved by the three-hole fitting

A wash basin can do much more than just serve its purpose in the bathroom. The beautiful models can be used as decorative elements and impress with their charming designs.

Undermount sink, stainless steel, rectangular

The sleek design of this washbasin is the epitome of cool elegance

Sink tempered glass mountain motif blue

Splendid sink comes through wonderfully as an accent piece

Ceramic countertop washbasin, round wash bowl

The soft effect of the minimalist design in the bathroom

Countertop washbasin bathroom designer

High quality designer washbasin made of ceramic in white

Washbasin round white ceramic unusual vanity unit

A real eye-catcher in the luxury bathroom despite the neutral color

Countertop washbasin in porcelain gray wall paint

Color matching in white, gray and beige.

Bathroom modern ceramic sink natural stone vanity

Original idea for the modern bathroom

Double washbasin white modern

Long basins for a uniform effect

Round tempered glass sit-on washbasin brown

Modern design – these vanities and sinks are all the rage!

Basin mixer, washbasin, white, washbasin, dark gray

The bowl-shaped countertop sink requires a tall, curved faucet

Vanity coffee cup shape ceramic

Exquisite washbasin in a great cup shape

Wall-hung washbasin, simply rectangular

Finished table with built-in washbasin offers a visually pleasant effect

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