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David Letterman Height, Weight, and Height Related Facts

David Letterman is an American television host, comedian, writer, producer and automobile racing team owner who stands 1.87 meters and weighs 78 kg. Born April 12th 1947.

After Johnny Carson made his historic announcement of retirement, many expected David Letterman to take over his “Tonight Show” slot. But instead, NBC chose Jay Leno instead as Carson’s successor.

Early Life and Education

Regina Lasko was David Letterman’s mother. She worked as a television production manager on various shows like Another World, Saturday Night Live and Late Show with David Letterman. David Letterman himself has not established his career yet but continues his education at university.

According to author Jason Zinoman, David Letterman grew up in an environment shaped by politics. As the youngest of four children with political conservative parents, Letterman often criticized mainstream media; yet also used their weaknesses against them; eventually adopting an ironic strategy like that used by Rush Limbaugh; making his network the unnoticed sidekick of his program; this tactic proved highly successful and Letterman became a hit on television.

Professional Career

Letterman found great success with NBC’s ‘Late Show,’ and then went on to redefine late-night television on CBS with features like ‘Stupid Pet Tricks’ (such as dropping objects off of a five-story building roof), Top 10 Lists, Monkey Cam and Audience Cam, plus his letter answering segment ‘My Dog Bob and Small Town News. All these elements moved with him.

Letterman proved his influence with guests and culture at large through an early episode wherein a General Electric security guard attempted to shake hands with him before having second thoughts and pulling back. This incident became known as the General Electric Handshake. This event proved just how powerful his presence and showmanship were on both guests and late-night television in general.

Achievement and Honors

David Letterman has received much acclaim throughout his career. As an American television Host, Comedian, Writer and Producer known for The Late Show; one of its great late night talk show hosts in history he won multiple awards and accolades; most notably being accused of an affair with former CBS employee Holly Hester in 2009. Additionally he broke Johnny Carson’s record as longest serving host of The Late Show (he took over after Carson retired). Before attending Ball State University he attended Broad Ripple High School as well as Atlas Supermarket as stock boy before entering into The Late Show (in Indiana).

Personal Life

David Letterman is an American television host, comedian, writer, and producer best known for his observational comedy and deadpan style of delivery. Additionally he is known for penning several books he himself is known for as well as being married to Regina Lasko; they share one son named Harry together and both enjoy car collecting; owning several rare and exotic vehicles themselves.

He owns Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing with Bobby Rahal and Michael Lanigan and serves as its philanthropist and supporter. As an alcoholic who has battled addiction issues for some time now, transcendental meditation combined with low dose medication has proven incredibly helpful for him in managing these struggles.

Net Worth

David Letterman reportedly reportedly amassed an estimated net worth of around $400 Million through his successful career as a television host, writer, and producer.

Worldwide Pants was responsible for producing some of the most beloved sitcoms ever, such as Everybody Loves Raymond. His show The Late Show with David Letterman garnered immense popularity and ultimately made him wealthy.

He owns several properties throughout New York and owns property around the globe, including multiple residences for himself and Regina Lasko – their son is Harry Joseph Letterman.

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