Leviton Jacks

Leviton Jacks

Leviton jacks can be found in nine out of ten homes and many of the world’s most important buildings, providing voice, data, audio, and video connectivity that is crucial to today’s mission critical networks. Leviton’s eXtreme Category 6 modular ethernet jacks fit easily into all QuickPort compatible workstation housings, Decora inserts, patch panels as well as decora inserts using QuickPort connectors while their Retention Force Technology ensures consistent performance over the lifecycle of their system.

Early Life and Education

Leviton(r), since its founding over one century ago, has made incredible strides from its origins as a small tinsmithing shop producing mantle tips for gas lighting to becoming one of the premier providers of electrical and communications products worldwide. Their growth and diversification is due to both organic development and strategic acquisitions.

Ms. Leviton was a strong proponent of Baltimore and its history. She played an active role in various local and state Democratic political campaigns involving race relations – such as that of Carlton R. Sickles’ campaign from 1966.

She served on the staff of Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin for over a decade and had been part of his Baltimore office up until her death. She leaves behind one sister as well as several nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

Leviton copper jacks can be found in nearly all homes and many of the world’s most iconic buildings, playing an essential role in high integrity systems such as hospitals, schools and laboratories as well as being chosen first when it comes to many telecommunications wiring interface solutions. Leviton QuickPort snap-in modules offer a comprehensive collection of jacks, connectors and cables to fit a wide variety of housings and provide flexibility when configuring communication wiring interfaces to support voice, data, video and security applications. Leviton network service solutions meet the rigorous performance requirements of ATLAS-X1 and EXTREME network service solutions, and offer comprehensive benefits packages such as medical, dental, vision and Rx coverage along with 401(k) programs that start granting company matches after one year of employment.

Achievement and Honors

Harold Leviton quickly gained knowledge in all facets of business from its infancy – beginning in the stockroom to purchasing, personnel and public relations departments. Moreover, his efforts at hiring diverse employees long preceded antidiscrimination legislation being instated.

Greenlee’s Jack Terminator RJ45 Punch Set can help simplify installations by providing an efficient way to connect four pairs of wires in one step to standard wall jacks – no secondary cutting necessary! Plus, its enhanced crimp cycle cuts installation time down further while eliminating hand-held wire strippers altogether!

California State University Monterey Bay’s Business and Information Technology Building installed with Intact Intelligent Management System and Atlas-X1TM Connectors has received silver honoree status by judges of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2015 Innovators Awards program.

Personal Life

Joyce Leviton was an enthusiastic supporter of Baltimore, working tirelessly to advance it in many ways. Phoebe Stein, Director of the Federation of State Humanities Councils and former Executive Director of Maryland Humanities. said Leviton had an innate gift for connecting people and bringing people together.

Leviton residential connectors and jacks offer reliable network services solutions for data, voice, audio and video network services. Their QuickPort wallplates, multimedia outlets and patch panels ensure a professional appearance, with all copper jacks subject to stringent tests to ensure high-quality performance and longevity – used in 90% of homes worldwide and even some of the most renowned buildings worldwide! In addition, commercial applications of Leviton jacks may also be suitable.

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