Liam Leonard

Liam Leonard

Liam Leonard is a professor at the Irish Institute of Technology where he lectures on environmental politics and society. He has published 10 books and numerous journal articles related to this field; much of his work centers around environmentalist social movements as well as green politics.

At Gender and Disaster Australia he oversees policy training and quality assurance as well as adjunct research fellow with Monash University’s Disaster Resilience Initiative. In addition, he serves on numerous government, academic, health industry and LGBTI community advisory bodies.

Early Life and Education

He has written 20 journal articles and five book chapters on LGBTI health and policy issues, sitting on government-academic and industry-community advisory bodies; leading research projects at state and Commonwealth levels; as well as serving on expert advisory bodies.

Mr. Lees is currently teaching Criminology at Arden University, Manchester UK and previously taught at Northern Arizona University. His publications span criminology, sociology and environmentalism; additionally he serves as co-editor of Emerald Publishing’s Advances in Ecopolitics series.

Community Campaigns for Sustainable Living: Health, Waste and Protest in Civil Society is among his other publications; other works by him include “Framing Processes and Outcomes of Environmental Movements in Ireland” published by Global Ecopolitics edited by Timothy Doyle and Sherilyn McGregor of Emerald Publishing Ltd.

Professional Career

He is a Lecturer of Sociology and Criminology at the Institute of Technology Sligo in Ireland and also acts as guest editor of publications like Irish Journal of Social Criminology and Environmental Politics journal. Additionally, he co-founded and senior edited Ecopolitics book series published by Emerald Group Publishing UK.

His prior work included research and development of State and Commonwealth LGBTI health education policies, programs, and services; management of projects on gay men and crystal methamphetamine use; Coming Forward an online-survey to explore Victorian GLBTI residents experiences of homophobic violence and same sex partner abuse; as well as creating the first LGBTI disaster resilience training package ever produced in history.

He has presented internationally and served on expert advisory panels from government, academic institutions and industry. Additionally, he was instrumental in organizing several international conferences and workshops.

Achievement and Honors

Liam Leonard has written three books and numerous articles covering sociology, criminology, environmental politics and sustainable development issues. An experienced lecturer in Institutes of Technology and Universities across Ireland as well as being Senior Editor for Emerald Publishing UK’s Advances in Ecopolitics book series; Liam also served as Editor-in-Chief of Irish Journal of Social Criminology and Environmental Politics journal.

Professor Conlon served as Senior Academic and primary instructor on a unique teaching and training program designed to introduce over 1,000 Recruit Prison Officers to humane prison work for the Irish Prison Service. Additionally, he lectures criminology at Arden University Manchester UK (and previously Northern Arizona University, California State University Los Angeles and National University of Ireland) while being Research Fellow with West Virginia University.

Personal Life

Liam Leonard is a lecturer in sociology and political studies at the National University of Ireland, as well as authoring three books about environmental issues and social movements such as Politics Inflamed: GSE and Ireland’s Campaign against Incineration (2004). Additionally, he founded and was senior editor for Ecopolitics online journal.

He is a frequent participant at international conferences across Europe and North America. Former Member Secretary and President of the Sociology Association of Ireland. On the governing board of the Custodial Care Prison Studies Programme within Irish Prison Service.

Leonard is married to Elle Bielfedt, a former professional basketball player from Peoria Notre Dame High School who now owns Level Foods (a company which specializes in protein bars). They share one child together named Liam.

Net Worth

Liam Leonard rose up through the ranks despite initial difficulties and earned numerous high-profile roles such as K-19: The Widowmaker, Clash of the Titans and Taken that brought wide acclaim and praise for his performances.

Leonard believes it is vital for entrepreneurs to have access to an objective sounding board, and encourages them to seek honest feedback from trusted sources. As business environments change constantly, preparing and engaging in difficult conversations are necessary parts of survival.

His vast net worth has enabled him to live an extravagant lifestyle. He owns multiple properties in New York with various amenities. Liam Meyers Leonard was born from his relationship with Elle Bielfedt when the couple began dating as 19-year-olds.

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