Liam Sweeney

Liam Sweeney

Liam Sweeny stands out as not your average leading man. His distinctive depth and complexity gives every character he plays depth beyond being just seen – they become truly understood characters!

He serves on the West Hartford Town Council and was one of the original members of Penn Lincoln Strategies, helping make it one of the premier government affairs firms in Connecticut. Additionally, he served as deputy mayor in West Hartford.

Early Life and Education

Liam Sweeney is an accomplished political professional with extensive experience in government relations, public service and politics. He has worked on national and state campaigns while lobbying locally, state and federal legislators. Liam currently serves on West Hartford Town Council and as its Deputy Mayor.

He has also served on the MH17 victims’ family committee and witnessed his father travel from Newcastle to Amsterdam for trial of three men accused of shooting down plane with Russian-made missile. Most importantly, however, is his work for West Hartford; helping prepare it for pandemic preparedness while advocating for new Elmwood Community Center which will give young people safe spaces to socialise together.

Professional Career

Liam Sweeney is the principal at Penn Lincoln Strategies in Hartford. With extensive public service experience and political participation spanning local, state, and national politics as a lobbyist. Liam currently sits on West Hartford Town Council as well as Active City’s board. Both of these groups seek to get children active through youth sports programs in their areas.

Liam is also a Senior Analyst at Ithaka S+R where he utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to address questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion within cultural organizations. He has conducted demographic analyses on art museums as well as interviews with institutional leaders and stakeholders; Liam holds a Master’s in Liberal Studies from CUNY Graduate Center.

Achievement and Honors

He’s also an accomplished writer, having interviewed everyone from basement bands to Hollywood stars for upstate NY publication Xperience Monthly. Additionally, he owns his own graphic design company to help independent creatives and small local businesses establish their visual identities.

As an accomplished taekwondo athlete, he has won multiple national championships in his category. Additionally, he was twice named to the Dean’s List and participates in One Taekwondo Hall of Fame scholarship programs.

Liam is proud of his work on the West Hartford Town Council. He’s particularly thrilled about seeing Elmwood Community Center come to fruition, giving teenagers a place where they can hang out and grow up. However, this fall he plans to focus on his young family rather than seeking reelection as Councilor.

Personal Life

Liam Sweeney was an ardent supporter of Newcastle United FC who tragically perished when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine, on his way to New Zealand for their pre-season tour.

He serves on the Board of Active City, a Hartford based non-profit group dedicated to getting more kids engaged with youth sports, as well as on West Hartford Town Council where his most notable accomplishment has been advocating for and seeing come to fruition of a new community center after years of work.

In May 2020, Frank, Rachael, Demi-Leigh and Lulabelle Trixie Sweeney arrived at 4 Hole Street where they quickly clashed with their neighbors and barricaded themselves inside when Big Rick showed up threateningly but were saved by Jade, Wallace, Alex and George who quickly jumped upon Big Rick to protect them.

Net Worth

Barry Sweeney was more than just a referee; he was also a loving father and supporter of Newcastle United, becoming well known in grassroots football circles in North East as “The Rocking Ref”. Since his son Liam died in the 2014 MH17 tragedy, Barry became an advocate for justice through activism on justice’s behalf.

Sydney Sweeney has earned an impressive portfolio since her breakthrough role in Euphoria. Recently she starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in 2021’s satirical comedy-drama The White Lotus as well as in any romcom movie Anyone But You.

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