Light @ Bike: Luminous handlebar grips

In a sporty design during the day and an eye-catcher at night: LED handlesThe new LED grips from Ligh @ Bike are a real eye-catcher; interested dealers are welcome at Holger Geuenich

An original idea is usually the cornerstone of your own company. Two years ago, Holger Geuenich had the idea of ​​illuminating handlebar grips. From bicycles to quads. The idea was patented and the trained metalworker founded the company ‘Light @ Bike’ with a business partner.
The first illuminated handles were made of electroluminescent ribbons. At the Intermot 2008, these hinges found international resonance and sales. This success encouraged Holger Geuenich to work on the look of the handles and used extremely flat LEDs. The handles have a diameter of 22 mm and can be easily connected to the vehicle battery using the supplied electric kit. They can be switched on and off via a separate switch.
thumbs 20091100vic108These LED grips are currently available for ATVs and quads in the colors blue, yellow, green, white and red. They are available for 39.90 retail.

Contact: Light at Bike

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