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Lika Star – A Book Review

Lika Star is leaving Japan to study in a different country. She has been studying Japanese for some time and is throwing a farewell party in her classroom. Her teacher, Horio, is sad to see her leave but is glad to see her get the chance to study in a new country. The charming and touching story of Lika’s departure is captivating and engaging.


Japanese baseball has long been influenced by the legendary Horio. Born in Honolulu, the Japanese player was not popular as a teenager, was a non-native speaker, and spoke little Japanese. His teammates, who had attended universities, often found it difficult for him to fit in. After dropping out of high school, Horio decided to play professional baseball in the Philippines. His unconventional life resulted in a unique combination athletic ability, fearlessness and stoicism. His size and height made him one the most intimidating players in the league.

1965 was Horio’s first encounter ever with a woman he liked. He asked the woman in that picture if she was “Eileen.” He learned that she was a Californian native and was living in Shiroshima. He met her and they began to date. They were married and had two kids. Their romance lasted for two years, and despite the fact that they had a child, they continued to work together with different artist collectives.

Jimmy Horio first became famous as a baseball player when he toured Japan with the L.A. Nippons in 1931, spreading baseball’s popularity throughout the country. The large and imposing Horio impressed the Japanese crowd with his outfield play and hitting. He would become a switch-hitter, which is a rare talent in Japan where most players are right-handed. Because he spoke Japanese, Horio was able to develop friendships with opposing players.

In the early nineteenth century, the Horio family left Hiroshima in search of better opportunities for their family. The Horios were granted steamship tickets to Hawaii by way of a contract they signed to work on a sugar plantation. Their children were happy and their parents decided to return to Japan. But after their journey to the island nation, their son Fumito became the first Japanese-American player in the major leagues.


Lika, a Japanese girl, has been preparing to leave Japan. She has been studying Japanese for some time and has been throwing a farewell party in her class. Lika is joined by Horio, her favorite teacher, as the class is about empty. Both are very sad to see Lika leave. A farewell party for Lika is a touching end to the story. Lika will be missed greatly.

Horio’s proposal

The story begins as Lika is studying abroad in Japan. They are about to move to another country. But this trip is full of emotions and sadness. Her classmates had thrown a farewell party at her school. As she sits alone, she runs into her favorite teacher, Horio. Horio and Lika sit down to have a chat and Horio notices the hard work Lika is putting in. He compliments her, and asks what she plans to do once she has graduated. She says she wants people to be helped.

Lika’s departure from Japan

As the series comes to an end, four of the seven leading investment professionals at Japan Post Bank have resigned. Sago was the bank’s original chief investment officer. His departure has resulted in a decrease in the bank’s target for strategic investments. This includes hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and direct lending. The bank’s strategic allocation for investment was 8.5 trillion yen before Sago left. It stood at three trillion in September. Many senior executives believe that Sago’s departure has weakened the “samurai spirit” at Japan Post Bank and that the bank is gradually reverting back to its old bureaucratic ways.

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