Like Lumber Crossword Clue

The crossword puzzle clue “Like lumber” has been published 4 time(s) in the past. This particular clue has 1 possible solution according to our database. The hint “like lumber” has been searched 7 times and has 1 answer/s. Below are the possible solutions for “Like lumber”. You may also want to consider the related clues below the clue. The solutions to like timber are given below the clue. The first solution is a general one.

The second option is WOULD. The answer is WOULD. This crossword clue is related to “land and lumber.” The first alternative is LUMB. The second option is LUMB. The third option is ‘loan’. The last option is ‘lumber’. It is the second choice. The first one is the most common, but the latter is also an option. The last solution is ‘loan.’

The third option is WOULD. WOULD is a verb that sounds like “lumber”. This verb has been used as a synonym for “land.” The fourth option is ‘lack of.” The final option is ‘lack of’. It is a verb that has the same meaning as ‘land”. If you are unsure of how to solve this clue, you can consult the New York Times.

The last option is ‘would.’ This is an auxiliary verb. Auxiliary verbs have many different definitions, and there is no general one. In addition, like lumber is used to describe a type of wood, but it can also refer to a variety of construction materials, such as timber. The first three options are the more obvious ones. If you don’t have any idea how to solve these crosswords, you can visit the corresponding websites for more information.

The word ‘would’ has a meaning of ‘would’ in English. Auxiliary verbs also include the word ‘do’. These verbs are used in a sentence to describe a situation. The answer to this clue is ‘would.’ It has a different meaning in other languages. For example, “would’ is a compound of the noun ‘wander.’ Likewise, ‘would’ can mean ‘bee’ in Chinese.

The word ‘would’ is an auxiliary verb that means ‘would-be.’ The ‘would’ part of the clue is another word that appears in the puzzle. ‘would’ can be used as a solution for like lumber. ‘would’ is the only option in this case. The other two are not. The phrase ‘wouldn’t’ is a substitute for ‘would.’

‘like’ is the same word for ‘wood.’ The word ‘like’ can be either ‘wood’. In fact, the word ‘wood’ is another clue for ‘like lumber’. The two words have different meanings in English. It can be a synonym for ‘board’. If you’ve ever heard of the term ‘board’ in a crossword, you should be able to understand it.

The phrase ‘like lumber’ is a part of the ‘log’ crossword. It is a shortened form of the word ‘log’. It has been used before in the crossword. Auxiliary verbs are words that sound like lumber. The two words are often confused because they’re both words that have similar meanings. The word ‘like lumber’ is a ‘wooden’ is a ‘wood’.

The word ‘like lumber’ has several meanings in the crossword. For example, the word ‘like lumber’ can mean ‘likely wood’. Its plural form, ‘lumber’, and ‘log’ are all part of the same phrase. It may also mean ‘wood’ in the context of ‘wood’. The phrase ‘like lumber’ means ‘wood’.

To find the exact word like lumber, enter the letters that begin with ‘like’ in the search box. The search results will contain the first letter of the word. For example, the first letter of the word is ‘like’. Then, ‘like’ means ‘likely’. The rest of the words are ‘like’. In this case, the meaning of the phrase is ‘like’.

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