Lisa Mennet

Lisa Mennet, Gabe Logan Newell, and Others Contribute to InvestigateWest

With local newspapers laying off staff and democracy being threatened, Seattle-area philanthropists are taking action, including increasing support for InvestigateWest by twofold this year.

Mennet founded and serves as clinical director of Cooper House. She began her career at Ryther Child Center before studying infant mental health at UW’s center for infant mental health. Now, Mennet offers reflective consultation to professionals as well as Fussy Baby Network training courses.

Early Life and Education

Lisa Mennet was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. At just thirteen years old she took part in the YG Entertainment audition in 2010 as an official trainee, ranking first out of over 150 auditionees – ultimately becoming one. Lisa trained for five years in Korea prior to co-founding BLACKPINK alongside Jennie Rose Jisoo from fellow YG trainees Jennie Rose Jisoo and Jisoo.

Cooper House provides integrated mental health and occupational therapy services to young children and their families, and she has taught the Fussy Baby Network (FAN) model as well as provided training for early childhood professionals.

She joins an impressive list of philanthropists like Connie Ballmer, Susie Buffett, Jackie Bezos, Priscilla Chan and Melinda French Gates who support early learning and care philanthropically. These donors understand the impact outsized investments can have in terms of children and mothers alike.

Professional Career

Lisa Mennet is an accomplished clinical director and consultant in Mental Health. Her specialty areas of expertise include Psychotherapy, Life Transitions Counseling, Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Family Therapy Counseling Psychology as well as life Coaching/Mentoring.

She is an active member of Valve Corporation and has contributed significantly to multiple projects with them. She played an essential role in developing Steam, an application which distributes video games for PCs. Furthermore, he developed educational software for “Steam for Schools”, used to present lessons about physics, chemistry, and math more engagingly.

Personal Life

Gabe Logan Newell is co-founder and managing director of Valve Corporation, which developed a digital distribution platform for video games called Steam. Over its 15-year existence, Valve Corporation has created some of the most beloved titles such as DotA 2 and Team Fortress 2. Newell is well known for his charitable activities and is particularly committed to fighting Fuchs dystrophy – having donated two cornea transplants himself! In his free time he enjoys collecting art and toys as hobbies.

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