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Living room in the attic – a real symbol of comfort and style

We want to continue our series of articles about comfortable and stylish furnished attic apartments. You probably already know our post on the attic bedroom, right? Did you like the creative tips for a chic and cozy bathroom in the attic? Today it’s finally the turn of the living room, as the most popular room of all, where you like to sit together with friends and family. So that Living room in the attic deserves our attention in practical and aesthetic terms and we want to give it to this room right away.

When it comes to living rooms in principle, we all have our requirements and preferences. We want the living room to best show our character, style and taste. Logically, it means that the living room should reflect our personality. The living room is often equated with the whole home. Many people think that this is the room that is so distinctive and inviting that they like to spend their time there comfortably and comfortably. The living room is also the place where we usually receive our guests to chat over a bottle of wine or to spend a fun night of games with friends. How could you bring all these demands and wishes under a common denominator in a living room in the attic? We try to give you the answer to this question below and you can only get inspiration for your own room design!

wohnzimmer luxus chalet dachboden

A small coffee table is just the right place in a cramped living room in the attic.

Your living room on the top floor can quickly take on a swing, although the living space there is quite small and a bit cramped. Our advice in this case is: choose your furniture carefully! Because furniture largely creates the ambience. A comfortable couch is a must in every living room. But use a small coffee table that doesn’t take up too much space. A suitable wall decoration and the right lighting do not have to be underestimated either.

Dachboden modern wohnzimmer

Introduce more color into the living room!

The view of this living room on the top floor is truly beguiling! It looks like a real home, it’s cozy, vibrant, colorful and keeps the perfect balance between light and dark!

Dachboden Wohnzimmer Graue Modernes Wohnzimmer Ideen

The exposed beams must not disturb you in creating a cozy interior

Take a careful look at this attic living room. At first glance it looks strange, but on closer inspection we immediately understand the design concept of its residents. Furniture and wall design here are brought into visual harmony with the exposed beams! This is really an excellent idea that creates continuity in the room and shows that everything was done with a clear plan.

Wohnzimmer Dachboden

A spacious vintage style living room in the attic

Some living rooms in the attic can be surprisingly large and that just provides an additional opportunity to really customize the space to our personal preferences. The attic living room in the picture above is really spacious, old-fashioned styled and looks absolutely stunning!

kleines Wohnzimmer auf dem Dachboden

Let your creativity play a role in designing a small living room in the attic!

The next picture shows a very comfortable ambience, where you can really forget the stress of everyday life. With its cream colored walls, exposed beams and such a lovely sitting area, the attic living room looks lovely and warm. Yes, literally warm, because there is a modern fireplace in the room, as well as storage space for storing firewood. Now, know how much you can do in a small space!

Graues Interieur unter dem Dach wohnzimmer deko ideen

Nothing is missing in the interior here everything is perfectly thought out and exudes style and warmth under the roof.

This quiet attic living room with the modern and neutral design is the perfect place to rest. It is very stylishly furnished, the sofa set along the wall under the skylight has been pepped up with matching decorative pillows. The coffee table has a remarkable shape and brings dynamism to the room. Everything here is perfectly color-coordinated and the fireplace in the background adds the finishing touches to the modern ambience.

Dachboden Wohnideen

Wonderful and very modern living room in the attic, which includes the dining area and kitchen

This is a breathtaking example of a picture for a living room on the roof! I’m sure you like it too. Our tip is: Leave most of the room open, that is, as far as the area of ​​your attic apartment allows. Only in this case would you have enough free space for modern and creative design ideas. As you have already done here: In the picture you can see a splendid living room in the attic, which skilfully combines the living area with the dining room and kitchen. Without thresholds and spacious, the whole room looks super stylish!

dachgeschoss gestalten innovative ideen wohnzimmer

Of course, in a roof apartment you need a lot of daylight to make the ambience look bright and inviting

We already mentioned the importance of the role of windows in an attic apartment. But that’s especially true if you like to design your rooms there in neutral tones. The natural light will brighten your attic living room and make it charming!

Schöner Wohnen Dachboden Ideen Wohnzimmer Dachboden

Life is uncomplicated in a simply furnished attic apartment

A very simply designed seating area in the modest interior of an attic apartment. There is only an old leather wing chair and a small rug. They seem to define the small sitting area wonderfully and are in close proximity to other areas in this attic apartment. We just want to show how easy it is to live in the attic.

modernes Wohnzimmer auf dem Dachboden

The built-in ceiling lighting ensures you have enough light at all times of the day

Küche Wohnbereich auf dem Dachgeschoss

In this attic apartment, the kitchen and living area are next to each other and a wooden ladder leads up to the sleeping area

wohnzimmer ideen dachwohnung

Kitchen and dining area on the first level, living area on the second level

Gestaltungskonzept Wohnzimmer auf dem Dachboden

Modest design concept of a living room in the attic

modernes Wohnzimmer auf dem Dachboden in Grau

A modern living room in the attic by no means excludes a library

offenes Gestaltungskonzept auf dem Dachgeschoss Wohnbereich

Built-in closets ensure you have enough storage space in the living room on the top floor

Wohnzimmer Mit Dachschräge Wohnzimmer Einrichten

Bright living room in the attic designed entirely in light gray and added some eye-catchers in blue

Wohnideen für Dachschrägen

An interestingly patterned carpet in pastel colors steals the show here

Einrichtung Ideen Wohnzimmer Ideen Dachboden

Pure grandeur on the top floor: a completely white interior with a fireplace and matching decoration

zimmergestaltung wohnzimmerdachboden

You can create something beautiful even on a small area

Wohnbereich auf dem Dachboden

Wooden columns and exposed beams always define the interior in the attic

Dachboden Wohnzimmer Ideen

Dining area and living area in one

Weißes Wohnzimmer Dachgeschoss

Artistic atmosphere prevails in this attic apartment with large roof windows

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