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Living trend: industrial style now also for heating

For some time now, two trends have been evident: industrial-style furnishings and a return to sustainable heating. Those who are interested in both can now sit up and take notice, because they exist, the ovens meet both trends.

From lifestyle to furnishing trend

The special style of industrial originally comes from the art scene in New York and London, where in the 60s and 70s it became more and more common for people to set up their living space in old factory buildings due to the high rents. Of course, the style not only relates to the condition of the apartment, it can also be converted to the furnishings: clear edges, untreated materials, metal and a bit of vintage. What was once in vogue as an overall concept is now only modern in individual elements. That means individual elements and eye-catchers in an otherwise classic and warm environment. So why shouldn’t this eye-catcher be a stove in the appropriate design?

Perfect design and sustainable heating go hand in hand here.

Werkstattofen Industrial Style zu Hause perfektes Design nachhaltiges heizen

The wood stove and its comeback

Heating with wood is moving back into German living rooms. This is due on the one hand to the fluctuations in the price of fossil fuels and the social step towards sustainability, but on the other hand also to the desire for more peace and comfort. And where better to enjoy it than in front of a fireplace that can be inexpensively fired with renewable wood?

An oven as an industrial element

Which stoves can be assigned to this furnishing style? We say convection ovens. Such a stove is actually intended as a workshop heater and is therefore very pragmatic. Because of the primary place of use, the workshop furnace is designed to be very stable. This stability comes from the materials used. Most of these ovens are made of steel. Timeless black fits into every color concept. The crude appearance of these stoves is dedicated to their functionality, especially in the case of Kanuk® or Bullerjan stoves. Here the convection tubes are arranged almost like ribs around the body of the stove, which gives it an extra industrial touch.

How the convection oven works

But what is special about these ovens? It is the convection principle that ensures rapid and extensive circulation of heat. In combustion technology, convection describes the transfer of heat. In a workshop oven, cold air is led along the oven and rises when it is heated, sinks when it is cooled and is drawn back to the oven as cold air. This creates an air circulation that brings the warmth into the whole room. So that dust is not unnecessarily blown up, there are, for example, special base frames for the workshop stoves from Kanuk® on which the stove is placed. This means that the necessary distance to the floor is maintained and, thanks to different models, the stove gets an individual touch.

A great eye-catcher in a room in industrial or vintage style.

Werkstattofen Industrial Style zu Hause toller Blickfang im Raum in Industrial Style oder Vintage Stil

Requirements for the eye catcher

The important thing is that if you live in a rented apartment, you need to speak to the owner beforehand to see if he will allow an oven in the apartment. And since a stove works with fire, you can’t just put such a piece of jewelery in your apartment like that. There are regulations and laws that an oven operator must adhere to. But what should you consider in advance if you want to buy a workshop oven?

Chimney and chimney sweeper

In any case, it requires a chimney that matches the stove. If there is no chimney in the desired installation room, one solution might be to install an outdoor chimney. However, this solution is often only possible for owners. Matching the chimney: don’t forget the chimney sweep! Before the stove is fired for the first time, the operator must inspect the fireplace and its flue gas system. Even better, you bring the chimney sweep on board when you are planning. He is the expert and can explain what is feasible and potential problems.

The chimney sweeper will also pay attention to compliance with fire protection regulations. You should therefore take a look at the place where you want to set up the stove beforehand. Can you position it in such a way that the necessary distances from flammable materials are maintained? Is there enough space for the stovepipe and its legal guidance?

The safety distance can be reduced by installing side plates. These panels are attached to the right and left of the stove and are available in different designs. In this way you can adapt the oven even better to your interior design style.

A workshop stove brings pleasant warmth and some vintage charm to your four walls.

Werkstattofen Industrial Style zu Hause wohltuende Wärme Vintage Charme in einem

How powerful can the stove be?

These ovens are mostly powerhouses that are designed for large warehouses and halls, but they are also available in small sizes and can therefore spread charm and warmth in a smaller room. So that you can enjoy the workshop oven in industrial style over the long term, you should get the right power. This means that the heating power of the stove must be adapted to its installation room. If it is too strong, the room overheats or you only allow the stove to work at half power, which can lead to soot in the exhaust pipe and serious long-term consequences. If it is too weak, it does not bring the desired warmth into the room. Roughly, one can say that per square meter of heated area, with a ceiling height of 2.5 m, approx. 0.1 kW is recommended. A stove with 5 kW would be sufficient for a room with 50 m². However, caution is advised here, because if the house is well insulated, it may not be sufficient.


Thanks to their functional materials and unique appearance, workshop stoves can be used perfectly as an industrial style element. Their use is not limited to workshops and warehouses, but can, with the right performance, also be used profitably in apartments and many other environments. Anyone who wants to heat their favorite place stylishly, sustainably and quickly is in good hands with this furnishing trend.

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