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Loft bedrooms can be extremely cozy and comfortable

Life in an attic apartment can have its challenges; Lack of space, inclines and the special, even sublime feeling of living in the attic can have negative effects and make you feel cramped and tense in the living room. But don’t be discouraged! If you want to remodel your attic in such a way that it combines your preferred design with the functionality of the space, you can create the most amazing attic that will suit all of your needs! Join us, because we want to accompany you through the multifaceted world of modern attic apartments!

Let’s start with the very personal realm of every person with the bedroom! In the attic, this room should definitely be full of natural light.

An attic bedroom feels remarkably cozy and it really is one of those rooms where the low ceiling really works for the cozy feel! It can be easily remodeled with a skylight to open up the room. This gives you another plus point: from your bedroom you have a beautiful view of the surroundings or of the city!

dachboden schlafzimmer elegante

A large skylight and stylish furnishings make this loft bedroom charming and inviting

This is a very spacious and open bedroom. A column in the middle of the room visually divides the ambience into two rooms and impresses with its sublime shape and simple design. Yes, modest design looks exceptionally good!

schonsten dachboden schlafzimmer

Sleeping under the sloping roof is actually quite romantic

A small bedroom in the Bohemian style, or at least with Bohemian style elements, such as a cute lantern hanging over the bed. The centerpiece of the room is undoubtedly the bed, which has been perfectly staged as the ideal cozy place to rest there during the cold nights. And don’t overlook the decorative ladder, which is super practical!

Schlafzimmer auf dem Dachboden viel Holz Landhausstil

Wooden furniture in a country house style creates a real feeling of cosiness in this bedroom

Comfort is necessary for every bedroom. This is proven by this picture example, where a very comfortable attic bedroom is shown. It’s so cozy because of its inviting wooden interior and the clearly expressed country house furnishings.

Dachboden Schlafzimmer Idee

A romantic bedroom in the attic designed in pink and white

Choose a pink and white color scheme for your loft bedroom if you are going for more romance in this space. With these colors you can create your very own dream zone in the attic!

schlafzimmer ideen dachboden

A spacious attic bedroom gets plenty of natural light from wide skylights

An attic bedroom is not always meant to mean low ceilings or an oppressive feeling; this spacious bedroom has a fantastic high pitched roof that allows plenty of natural light to flood into the room. This is what we call a comfortable loft bedroom to fall in love with!

Schlafzimmer Ideen – Gestaltung

Green houseplants can thrive in the attic.

A bedroom in neutral tones is the ideal quiet zone. But if you want to bring more vibrancy to the room and you don’t particularly like vivid colors, then you can simply add a few green houseplants to the interior. These feel good on or next to the skylight and refresh the bedroom!

schlafzimmer dachboden holzwand rahmen fenster

A round sleeping bed makes this white loft bedroom look very sublime

If you are designing your loft bedroom and want to make it unique, you have to be creative! A round bed is a surefire way to differentiate your bedroom from the rest of the rooms. Think about this idea, it’s definitely worth it!

dachboden schlafzimmer elegante weiß wand

An attic bedroom shouldn’t necessarily have a skylight

A skylight in an attic bedroom is a plus, but not the norm. There isn’t one in the next bedroom, but it looks wonderful even without a skylight! Somehow the room feels even more comfortable – like a real little attic!

Dachausbau Ideen

Magnificent bedroom in the attic, with a wide skylight that looks out onto a sunlit terrace

Schlafzimmer mit Dachschräge gemütlich gestalten

It is best to choose light colors and simple but comfortable furniture for your attic bedroom

dachboden schlafzimmer deko moderne Schlafzimmer Ideen

In the attic you have a special plus point: there you can use all the tricky spots, build closets and have plenty of storage space

Dachwohnung im skandinavisch minimalistischen Stil

An attic bedroom in a Scandinavian style black and white color scheme and simple design

schlafzimmer dachboden

I would also like to live here! Enjoy a lot of romance and cosiness in one!

Design Dachboden Schlafzimmer

When designing your attic bedroom, rely on warm colors on a white background

dachboden schlafzimmer stilvolle einrichtung

Sleeping bed in the niche under the skylight in a purist interior

Schlafen im Dach Dachausbau

Is that a dream or a reality? A super inviting and adorable loft bedroom

Dachboden Schlafzimmer Ideen

If you like it purist?

Schlafzimmer auf dem Dachboden viel Charme

There is a lot of charm in the simple design

weiß gestaltetes Schlafzimmer auf dem Dachboden

In an all white attic bedroom, you need a few splashes of color. The red decorative pillows do the job wonderfully and bring some dynamism to the room

Dachboden Schlafzimmer mit rustikalen Holz Decke

Loft master bedroom design ideas

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