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Loft beds for young and old, but always for real romantics

A loft bed doesn’t just belong in the children’s room! No, it can be used by young and old alike. If you are a real romantic, you will find the best models for you in our picture gallery today! Because for us a comfortable loft bed is a synonym for romantic flair in the interior. Do you agree? Then stick with it and find out more about the loft bed!
Loft beds, bunk beds, box spring beds and water beds…. The sequence can be continued. Yes, everything is on the market, but before buying a bed, you need to do a lot of research and calculate your living space. If your space is limited, you should look for alternatives. If you already know exactly what you need, go to the furniture store.
In our article we try to make your bed choice easier and want to give you additional information about loft beds.

Loft bed stairs wood

A loft bed brings an additional dose of romance into your four walls

loft bed-and-stairs

A loft bed on a pedestal is very comfortable, here it is designed in white and wood nuances and immediately attracts attention

Loft beds-wood-design-bedroom-idea

You can use the stairs and the pedestal as bookshelves and create a pleasant living room and bedroom in one


Create a romantic sleeping corner on the pedestal – how do you like that?


Pure minimalism – you can build the loft bed yourself and design it according to your ideas and personal wishes

Surely you immediately associate a children’s room when you hear or read a loft bed? No, it doesn’t have to be like that, because there are models for young and old. True romantics are increasingly choosing to sleep at lofty heights because of the lack of space in most large city apartments. Because a loft bed really turns out to be a space-saving piece of furniture, it is celebrating its big comeback in the interior. It offers a significantly large usable area under the bed, which can be further used depending on your personal furnishing style. According to your own wishes, you can set up a cozy home office under the loft bed, a comfortable seating area for watching TV and reading or create your own personal retreat there. The practical thinkers among you can of course make a little more of this free space and place a dressing room or a walk-in closet there. In both cases that would be very useful.


A dressing room under the loft bed is a very practical solution


Soft bed linen in light shades, wood carvings on the parapet, an elegant ladder … and this wonderful pouf bring the romantic flair into the ambience

Other practical tips that can be very useful to you before buying a loft bed:
The height of the room is important: In order to get a loft bed, you need a high room, ie you have to measure approx. 3 m from floor to ceiling. This leaves about 70 cm of space between the mattress and the ceiling after you assemble the loft bed.
The desired width of a loft bed would be 1.80 m. A narrow bed could be dangerous if you like to move around a lot while you sleep.
Before buying your loft bed, you should definitely think about the latest safety standards and do what is necessary in this regard. Safe armor made of wood or metal would be recommended here.
To make you feel safe, you can design a loft bed on a pedestal. This is a practical and at the same time very romantic alternative.
You should also easily reach your loft bed when you are drunk asleep. A stable ladder or stairs will lead you straight up!

Loft bed-and-shelf stairs

Under the bed you have plenty of room for the couch and bookshelves on the wall and voila! Your relaxation place is here!


A walk-in closet can be made under the loft bed

Many parents are considering the possibility of setting up a loft bed in the children’s room or even building it themselves. And they want to provide free play space for their little ones. Yes, the idea is great, but you should pay more attention to the tips above, because they also apply to the loft bed in the children’s room. If you are in this situation as well, consider the children’s safety prior to purchasing. Because a loft bed means more fun and great games in the children’s room for the little ones, but at the same time it brings with it some risks. And never forget: it can always be safer! The bed frame has to be heavy enough that it doesn’t slip when you play. A stable parapet or grab handles at the entrance offer additional protection and security for the little ones. And when it comes to accessories, parents also have to make a decision: should the loft bed be in the children’s room with or without a slide? Here we want to say it right away: The slide develops the children’s imagination, it helps them to develop their athletic abilities. In short, it means more fun and games in the nursery. The problem is your safety! Because small children like to romp around there and don’t know any risks! In addition, after 6-7 weeks, a slide is no longer as interesting as it was at the beginning. So, think carefully about what you need in the nursery and also pay attention to the wishes of your little ones. Only then can you find the best solution!


A desk with a chair and everything necessary for the little ones is often placed under the loft bed in the children’s room

Photo 7: A romantic children’s room with a loft bed and a work space underneath

modern-loft-bed-desk-ideas-for-children's rooms

A romantic children’s room with a loft bed and a workplace underneath

Loft-design-nice-decoration-in-the-children's room

In the children’s room, you can create additional sleeping options for your child’s guests with a loft bed

children's room-loft-bed-with-desk

A cozy children’s room with a loft bed – design everything in white and add a few blue accents here and there!

children's loft bed in white

It couldn’t be more minimalistic

We wish you the best of luck with the purchase of your loft bed, regardless of whether it is intended for the children’s or the bedroom!

modern-ideas-room-design-loft bed

Sleeping in the air should be very romantic!

youth room-furnishing-ideas-loft bed

You can use the free space really well and create a comfortable living room with sleeping function

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