Losada Olives

Losada Olives

Aceitunas Losada has been growing and packaging olives in Carmona, Seville province for more than 50 years. Their team carefully selects only blemish-free olives before curing them with low salt brine to preserve their natural flavors.

The gordal olive, commonly referred to as the queen olive, boasts large dimensions with delicate flavor and firm meaty texture – ideal as both table olives or for use in your favorite salad!

Early Life and Education

Aceitunas Losada has been producing table olives in Carmona near Seville for over fifty years – this family owned business oversees all stages of production from hand harvesting in their own groves to curing. Current generation owners Luis and Maria Losada are focused on revitalizing forgotten olive varieties as well as returning to traditional natural curing methods.

Gordal Olives uses only blemish-free Gordal olives that have been carefully chosen, packed in neutral brine to balance saltiness and bitterness without overshadowing their true olive flavor. Furthermore, they use a lengthy natural brine curing process of 9-12 months which may take longer than modern lye cures but produces an superior product.

Their groves are sustainably farmed using natural methods, including avoiding high-density farming to preserve soil health, using gravity-fed underground irrigation, solar energy and incinerating olive pits to fuel their mill. Furthermore, no grafting takes place as they want their trees to retain their original roots and distinct terroir.

Professional Career

Losada has spent most of her professional career at Aceitunas Losada, a family-owned olive company in Carmona, Spain that specializes in producing table olives using natural methods from hand harvesting in their groves to curing with salt brine treatments.

This company is widely recognized for revitalizing forgotten olive varieties and returning to traditional natural curing processes, particularly their Gordal olives, an extremely large caliber Spanish variety renowned for their delectable flavors.

Losada has also championed women’s soccer in Spain. Her advocacy has helped promote the sport both domestically and abroad, raising awareness for its existence and encouraging more clubs to start teams of their own.

Achievement and Honors

Losada Olives select blemish-free olives and brine them in a mild solution that lets their pure olive flavor shine through. These substantial olives make an excellent snack or addition to salads or martinis alike!

At our small family-owned company, we’ve been growing and packing table olives for more than five decades. With 10 different olive varieties ranging from classic Spanish varieties such as manzanilla and arbequina to lesser known types like alorena and cornicabra cured in natural brine without using lye, you’re guaranteed a quality olive experience every time you visit us.

The winemaking team believes that barrels play an integral part in adding complexity and nuance, highlighting vineyard characteristics while attenuating harsh edges in wines. They work with French oak barrels and work closely with them to integrate their aromas into the final products.

Personal Life

Losada olives are grown and produced to the highest standards by a family-run business in Carmona, located east of Seville. A premium product made using only blemish-free Gordal olives that have been lightly brined so their true flavors remain preserved – ideal for snacking or adding into salads stuffed with Point Reyes Original Blue or mixed into martinis!

Aceitunas Losada has been crafting delicious table olives in Carmona near Seville for more than fifty years, hand harvesting in their own groves before curing with traditional natural methods – producing exceptional olives that stand the test of time. Family owned business managed by siblings Luis and Maria has maintained strict control of every step, from hand harvesting through curing. Their latest generation owners, Luis and Maria, are especially keen on revitalizing forgotten varieties by using natural curing methods; and have focused on revitalizing them. Their current generation owners Luis and Maria have put their efforts towards revitalizing forgotten olive varieties by returning natural curing methods that produces an outstanding olive.

Net Worth

Gordal olives from Losada boast an ample, meaty texture with delicate yet subdued flavors – its name translates literally as “the fat one,” yet their subtle yet delicate flavor pairs beautifully with their large size. Losada cures their pitted gordals using both lye and neutral brine cures to achieve an ideal ratio between saltiness and bitterness, so as to showcase their natural character.

Aceitunas Losada has been producing olives in Carmona near Seville in Spain for more than 50 years. Their family-run operation oversees every stage of production from hand harvesting their own groves to natural curing with reduced salt to achieve more subtle flavors. Their Carmona olive mix features petite black Cuquillo olives, grassy Alorena olives and large Gordal olives all naturally cured in low salt solutions that enhance their distinctive crisp snap and delicate flavor profiles.

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