Louie Dondero

Louie Dondero – A Celebrity Companion

Louie Dondero was an iconic celebrity partner. He and WWE wrestler Pat Patterson shared over four decades together before Louie died of a heart attack in 2014.

Pat made headlines for coming out as gay in the early 1970s and generated great debate on commentary shows like Jim Ross’. Jim often made jokes about Pat’s sexuality during commentary sessions.

Early Life and Education

Louis Dondero is an esteemed professional wrestler. With an attractive height and great body measurements, he boasts numerous social media accounts on which he shares photos and videos from his professional wrestling matches.

He possesses an engaging personality, garnering him numerous followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. His fans love and admire him deeply.

Even through homophobia within the wrestling industry, Dondero found acceptance from his fellow wrestlers such as Mad Dog Vachon. He dated Pat Patterson for 40 years and remained close even after their deaths. Jim Ross recounted some humorous anecdotes regarding Patterson and Dondero’s interactions, such as their constant bantering and long, hilarious conversations lasting several hours between the two.

Professional Career

Louis Dondero was best known as being the first openly gay partner of Canadian professional wrestler Pat Patterson for 40 years until their deaths. They shared many memorable experiences together.

After making his boxing debut, Patterson quickly began honing his craft locally before heading out to Boston and meeting Louie Dondero. Even with limited English ability, Patterson quickly immersed himself into Boston culture.

At times during his professional life, Patterson experienced some homophobia; he detailed these experiences in his 2016 autobiography Accepted.

Patterson noted in his book that Dondero was an “unassuming gentleman.” Throughout their forty year relationship – before his passing away – they displayed mutual acceptance despite sports’ often aggressive culture.

Achievement and Honors

Patterson quickly advanced in his wrestling career. His aggressive in-ring style elevated his profile even more; additionally, he began using the moniker “Pretty Boy” and adopted an eye-catching gimmick of wearing pink gear and smoking cigarettes during matches.

In the early 1970s, Patterson publicly came out as gay, sparking considerable debate and often being mocked by Jim Ross on commentary shows.

He was in a long-term relationship with Louie Dondero for more than four decades until Dondero died of a heart attack on June 28, 1998. Since then, Patterson has not found another long-term partner but still speaks fondly of Dondero on WWE Legends’ House regularly.

Personal Life

Louie Dondero was a husband and father to three children, whom he greatly cherished spending time with on beach vacations. Additionally, he was a member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church as well as Fourth Degree member within Knights of Columbus.

He was known as an extremely generous individual who always had a smile on their face. A major sports enthusiast, he especially enjoyed watching the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants and Villanova basketball teams.

Stephen Dondero leaves behind his beloved wife Janet Dondero and children Stephen and Angela Dondero of Taylor, PA; Dominic Longo from Whitehall, PA and many loving nieces, nephews, cousins and extended family who will miss him deeply. Additionally, many MyHeritage DNA test takers can trace their ancestry back to Dondero lineage.

Net Worth

Louis Dondero stands at 1.85 meters and hails from America.

He enjoyed an outstanding career in professional wrestling. From technical consulting and promoter superstar to commentator and authoring a book on wrestling.

He was an openly homosexual individual and first came out during the 1970s. Eventually he met and started dating Pat Patterson who would go on to form one of the first gay duos in wrestling before suffering a fatal heart attack and passing away in 1998.

Born January 19th 1941 as a Life Path 8, this individual is an exceptional leader who relishes taking charge of things and leading from the front. His personality is magnetic; charming with an excellent sense of humor.

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