Low carb dishes – healthy eating without carbohydrates

In recent years, new nutritional concepts have emerged that are enjoying great popularity. These successfully replace old diets and menus and always promise great results. Logically, you ask yourself how you could lose a few pounds, but without starving yourself or training in the gym for hours. The answer to this question is the low carb diet, which is considered the perfect alternative for healthy indulgence. In this article, we want to briefly explain what is low carb and which foods are allowed in the preparation of low carb dishes.

Low Carb Gerichte Burrito Zucchini Boats

Light and full of energy – the Burrito Zucchini Boats from Mexico.

Low Carb Big Mac

This sandwich is called the Low Carb Big Mac and is perfect for breakfast or between meals.

  • What is low carb and why is it on everyone’s lips?

Low carb comes from English and stands for a healthy nutritional concept with no or a low percentage of carbohydrates. In short, it is a form of nutrition that reduces the carbohydrates in the daily diet. Nutritionists and experts in healthy eating believe that high-carbohydrate foods lead to obesity and thus endanger our health. And that’s actually nothing new, because the first cornerstone of a low-carbohydrate diet was laid in the 19th century. In the course of the past few years, nutritional concepts such as “life without bread” and the Atkins diet, which are very close to the low-carb diet, have been particularly popular.

Shrimps und Zucchini ergeben ein herrliches Low Carb Gericht mit Knoblauch gewürzt

Shrimps and zucchini make a wonderful low carb dish, seasoned with garlic

Keto Taco Cups leicht vitaminreich und geschmackvoll Low Carb Gerichte

Keto Taco Cups – small but tasty!

The low carb diet is based on protein-rich foods, for example the following are allowed: eggs, meat and sausage products, fish and seafood, some cheese products, quark and natural yoghurt and soy products. It is also recommended that you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, consume nuts and seeds, and use vegetable oils in cooking and baking.

Low Carb Pizza fürs Frühstück

Low carb pizza ideal for breakfast

Carbohydrate-rich foods, on the other hand, are absolutely taboo. These include potatoes, rice, pasta and other grain products such as corn flakes and crispbread. Fruit juices, soft drinks, sugar-containing delicacies and alcohol have to be removed from your menu. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water, including moderately unsweetened coffee and tea.

Bruschetta mit gebratenen Hähnchen Filet weiße Soße und klein geschnittene Tomaten

Bruschetta grilled chicken is prepared with roasted chicken fillet, white sauce and chopped tomatoes. Ideal for lunch!

Frischer Salat mit Fleischstückchen frischem Gemüse und Käse

Freshly prepared salad with pieces of meat and various vegetables

  • Low Carb Dishes – Which Are The Most Popular?

Low carb dishes are only prepared from low-carbohydrate products. In addition, when cooking, you try to use only fresh ingredients, if possible from your own garden. There are low carb dishes classified by time of day, which are compiled by nutritionists. The experts assumed that the body uses different amounts of energy at different times. The superfluous will then be stored as a fat depot. And that is by no means wanted. So choose the low carb dishes that fit your daily schedule and recharge yourself with energy and a good mood.

Low Carb ohne Brot Fleischbällchen mit Tomatensauce

Meatballs with tomato sauce but without bread.

Broccoli cheese cake tastes excellent without carbohydrates!

Low Carb Gerichte Brokkoli Käse Kuchen

Or if you come home after work and are wondering what you can prepare for your family for dinner, then you will see over 50 low carb dishes available that you can try and convert the whole diet to low carb at home. Believe us, then you are on the safe and healthy side! The best low carb recipes in German can be found here.

In our picture gallery you will find over 50 low carb ideas. The Trendomat editorial team wish you a lot of fun scrolling and trying out the low-carb dishes!

Chicken Caesar Wraps – here’s the recipe too!

Low Carb Gerichte Chicken Caesar Wraps

Pizza mit Pepperoni ohne Weizenmehl

Pizza with pepperoni without wheat flour is a tasty low carb dish

This looks very tempting – Cauli Tamale Pie and does not contain any carbohydrates!

Cauli Tamale Pie Low Carb Gerichte

Gefüllte Zucchini mit Käse und Salami Low Carb Gerichte

Low carb dishes – stuffed zucchini with cheese and salami.

Taco Shell Packung mit Zucchini Gemüse gefüllt Low Carb

Perfect healthy indulgence – taco shell pack filled with zucchini and vegetables.

Low Carb Brot mit Blumenkohl und Knoblauch Low Carb Gerichte

This low carb bread with cauliflower and garlic can be part of your daily menu.

Pizza Nester mit Spagetti und Kürbis Low Carb Geriche

Sometimes the shape is also important – pizza nests with spaghetti and pumpkin

Pfanne überbacken mit Kürbis Käse ow Carb Gerichte

Blumenkohl überbacken mit Sose Low Carb Gerichte

Fleisch mit Gemüse und Soße Low Carb Gerichte

Fettuccine mit zwei Zutaten Low Carb Gerichte

Zucchini Waffel gegrillter Käse Brokkoli Käse Suppe Low Carb Gerichte

Waffel gegrillter Käse Brokkoli Käse Suppe Low Carb Gerichte

Low Carb Gerichte Blumenkohl ´gegrillt mit pikanter Soße

Low Carb Zucchini Käse Kuchen

Gefüllte Zucchini mit pikanter wei0er Soße drauf Low Carb Gerichte

Gefüllte Paprika mit Hackfleisch und Gemüse ganz lecker Low Carb Gerichte

Taco Tomaten mit Käsefüllung Low Carb Gerichte

Salat mit Hähnchen Käse und klein geschnittenes Gemüse Low Carb Gerichte

Jalapeno Popper egg cups kleinen Eierspeisen für zwischendurch

Low Garb Gerichte Blumenkohl Waffeln

Low Garb Blumenkohl Waffeln

Low Carb Palatschinken mit Käse und Erdbeeren

Low Carb Palatschinken mit Käse und Erdbeeren

Low Carb Palatschinken mit Käse

Low Carb Palatschinken mit Käsе

Low Carb Palatschinken

Spiegelei im Nest Low Carb Gerichte

Paprika gefüllt mit Gemüse Low Carb

Pizza gefüllt mit Zucchini Scheiben Low Carb

Low Carb Pizza mit Blumenkohl

Low Carb Pizza mit Blumenkohl

Zucchini Sushi Low Carb Gericht

Buffalo Hähnchen gefüllte Paprikas

Buffalo Hähnchen gefüllte

Blumenkohl mit pikanter Soße Low Carb Gericht

Gefüllte Zucchini Enchilada mexikanisches Low Carb Gericht

Low Carb Frühstück ohne Brot mit Bacon Eier und Käse

Low Carb ohne Brot Sandwich mit Bacon Ei und Käse

Waffel mit Blumenkohl wie Calzone geformt Low Carb Gericht

Gefüllte Pilze mit Tomaten Scheiben und Käsefüllung

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