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PIAA Class AAA Individual Wrestler – Luca Augustine

Suzanne Stauble has witnessed many of her students grow and give birth, yet nothing compares with Luca Augustine’s experience and enthusiasm for learning.

Later works of his include polemical writings against Manicheans, Donatists, and Pelagiians (De fide et evangelistarum in 386 and Contra Faustum Manichaeum in 400). Additionally, his philosophical influences included Stoicism and Neoplatonism.

Early Life and Education

Luca Augustine, a senior from Waynesburg High School in Pennsylvania, is widely considered one of the smartest wrestlers in Pennsylvania. With his hard work and determination he won the 172-pound title at last month’s Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association Class AAA Individual Tournament; going forward he hopes to pursue medical school studies at Pitt.

Augustine was born in Tagaste, a humble Roman community located in what is now North Africa. He received an education both there and in Carthage (his university city of choice).

Augustine became increasingly immersed in Christian teachings during his years at Milan. His philosophical works and sermons showed an ardent devotion to an intellectual form of Christianity which held that human beings have an inborn capacity for accessing intelligible truth, though only those adhering to Christian dogma can successfully attain it (De magistro 38). Augustine’s epistemology interwove strongly with ethics and grace doctrine – making for an engaging read!

Professional Career

As a senior at Waynesburg Central, Luca Augustine won a PIAA wrestling state title at 172 pounds as an individual champion and also helped his team earn its inaugural team championship title. He defeated Trey Kibe 3-2 in the state finals.

2022 Redshirt Freshman Anthony Phelan finished 12-5 at open tournaments, qualifying for the best-of-three finals at Nationals and winning an U20 Freestyle title in Las Vegas at 79 kilograms.

He specializes primarily in criminal defense, with particular expertise in drug offenses. A member of The Florida Bar, his website can provide more details and an impressive client list; additionally he co-wrote and recorded an EP called With the Whole World Watching with musician Jay Nash.

Achievement and Honors

Suzanne Stauble has long known that seeing one of their students become valedictorian is rare – yet tonight at St. Augustine amphitheater that will happen for Luca Augustine!

Waynesburg Central senior Trey Kibe had an unforgettable scholastic wrestling career. In the 172-pound finals of West Class AAA Super Region, he defeated returning state champion 5-3 for a win and ended his high school career with 122-24 record.

Fitzgerald Field House crowd to its feet during Pitt’s dual against No. 3 Iowa State, defeating MJ Gaitan 6-4 with a late takedown. That victory allowed Pitt to come away victorious on points criteria alone 16-15.

Personal Life

Luca Augustine displayed both determination and resilience when facing Trey Kibe again at last month’s PIAA wrestling championships, in the finals of the 172-pound class finals. He identified what went wrong during their previous meeting and made necessary adjustments.

His philosophy draws from an array of sources, such as Cicero’s lost protreptic dialogue Hortensius and Hellenistic philosophies like Academic skepticism (Contra Academicos). He strongly upholds the ancient ideal that philosophy should be practiced with love for wisdom alone in pursuit of seeking happiness or as late-antique pagan and Christian thinkers like to put it, salvation. By gaining insight into what really lies underneath surface appearances.

Throughout the Middle Ages, his ideas became widely accepted as standard orthodoxy and generated many controversies. By the thirteenth century his opinions had become a key influencer of scholastic exegesis.

Net Worth

With his notable acting gigs, Luca Augustine has amassed both accolades and recognition. Additionally, his success has enabled him to build an impressive net worth estimated between $100K-400K.

Recent television roles for Luca include playing the character of a sixth former in the British comedy/drama production “Everything Now,” on Netflix. Written and produced by Ripley Parker with Left Bank Pictures as producer; eight episodes were included in season one with him being compensated with significant sums; this represented an exciting step up in his career path.

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