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Pixar has always set high standards when it comes to its comedies about outsiders; and Luca fits this mold perfectly. Water can transform them back into sea monsters, giving Luca and Alberto access to hilarious situations that they would normally avoid.

KENS 5 recently caught up with Jones to learn more about his upbringing in South Texas, why Vespas became such an integral component of the story and where his film fits within Pixar’s impressive catalogue of films.

Early Life and Education

Luca is a curious sea monster eager to experience life outside his native waters. Accompanied by Alberto Scorfano, an equally curious fellow monster with an insatiable curiosity for humans and all things human, he longs to see what life outside the water has in store for him.

Alberto encourages Luca to follow in his footsteps and explore the human world above, while Lorenzo Paguro warns him against its perils.

Mike Jones, co-writer and director of “Vespas: An Essential Element in their Story”, joined KENS 5 for a Zoom interview about his South Texas upbringing, the development of friendship between Luca and Alberto and why Vespas were integral to their tale. Click through to view their full script!

Professional Career

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De Luca was raised by his Italian-Catholic father and Jewish mother to be aware of his environment, with both parents providing valuable lessons in observation. De Luca’s movies — from dramas to thrillers — reflect this heritage by featuring characters dealing with family dysfunction, death and racism.

Achievement and Honors

Luca was an instant hit on Disney+ and earned nominations from both Critics Choice and Golden Globe Awards as Best Animated Feature. Additionally, eight Annie Award nominations and four nods from Visual Effects Society. Dan Romer’s original score pays homage to Nino Rota and Nicola Piovani’s scores from Fellini movies.

Daniela’s relentless protection of Luca is supplemented by Lorenzo and Grandma Paguro who help in their task. Alberto sells his Vespa so he can buy train ticket to Genoa to join Giulia at school; Massimo adopts them both; yet Luca still keeps in touch with family and sea monsters via phone calls found along the beach.

Personal Life

This film is both playful and mature in equal measures; its execution is impeccable. However, the parallel story involving a police officer’s personal life could have been handled more extensively in-film.

Luca lives with his family under the sea and is fascinated by life on land. After meeting Alberto, an equally curious sea monster who shows him they can transform into humans at beaches, they spend the summer together in Portorosso Italy where they ride a Vespa together.

Enrico Casarosa, who shared writing credit with Jesse Andrews and Simon Stephenson, inspired his film’s plot from his Italian upbringing; Portorosso itself even draws its name from one of the Italian Riviera towns where Casarosa spent summers.

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