Luca Wood

Luca and Alberto spend the afternoon working on their Vespa together. Luca can’t wait to show it off to everyone.

Luca is an adventurous spirit who relishes in discovering new experiences. His curiosity leads him to seek ways of improving things, while art and design remain close to his heart.

Early Life and Education

Luca Wood is an Alabama artist living and working out of a warehouse in downtown Selma that doubles as his studio/gallery/material storage. Using various techniques he sculpts clay into various shapes; his artworks have been displayed at museums and galleries nationwide.

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Professional Career

Luca works as a litigation paralegal at Gunster’s Jacksonville office. He provides support to case teams working on construction and general business litigation as well as document production and research for his clients. A hard worker himself, Luca strives to deliver efficient processes with accurate outcomes for them.

He is an experienced leader and team player, having worked in the industry for more than 28 years and holding an ASHRAE Commissioning Process Management Professional certification.

Projet RAD, Canada’s inaugural inclusive urban dance program offering accessible dance studios to people of all ages and abilities, was co-founded by Luca. He speaks four languages fluently, travels internationally teaching/sharing his passion for dance with all types of students, is an inspiration to others and lives by the motto, “No Excuses, No Limits”!

Achievement and Honors

Luca Wood is a multi-award winning artist and sculptor who has been an active member of the NWFA for more than ten years, showing his works at multiple exhibitions as well as authoring multiple books on wood turning.

In 2022, Amazon published the book Luca: The Art of a Woodturner which details Luca’s early career and carving technique development.

Netherlands-based rapper Luca Maxim recently unveiled his latest single “Off Shore”. This track boasts an exciting UK drill beat sound combined with soulful vocals and melodic rap flows by Luca, as well as its haunting melody and lively drums which perfectly complement him and his captivating rap flows and emotion. Available on streaming services and YouTube, “Off Shore” is anticipated to become an instantaneous hit across America.

Personal Life

Wood published his quasi-memoir Hollywood Rat Race in 1998 and advised new writers to “just keep writing,” even if their work worsens. He recounted anecdotes and adventures relating to Universal Studios’ refusal of his proposal for a color/ 3-D remake of Dracula featuring Bela Lugosi.

Wood and teenage fan Richard Sheffield petitioned the studio in 1953, but nothing came of it. Wood did go on to co-write, produce and star in Ghouls of the Moon alongside Karloff as its titular character.

Orgy of the Dead was an early transitional film between horror and skin-flick genres, featuring Criswell in one of Lugosi’s old capes as Lord of the Dead rising from his coffin and overseeing macabre performances by topless dancers from beyond death.

Net Worth

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Wood appeared with Dolores Fuller in several X-rated films, such as Glen or Glenda, Jail Bait and Bride of the Monster (reduced to a brief cameo appearance). Additionally, he directed short erotica movies for Erotica Productions out of Sweden and made appearances in over 100 film and television projects overall.

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