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Buyer’s Premium and Sales Tax are both included in the final bid price, so it is the bidder’s responsibility to physically inspect each item prior to bidding.

Sarah Lucas has established a life of tea drinking and perpetual penis imagery plastercasting since moving back to Britain from New York in 2008. Now in her first solo exhibition ever, it provides an intriguing peek at where Sarah’s practice will go next.

Early Life and Education

Raised in a family of school teachers, she developed an early interest in special education. For six years she served as Elementary Supervisor of Special Education for Perkiomen Valley School District before managing Special Education Departments at Owen J Roberts School District.

Lucas is known for her androgynous parodies of masculine low-life culture that subvert sexual stereotypes and gender definitions. Her works call to mind Henry Moore’s bronze casts with all their sensuous and sexualized complexity as well as Henry’s sensuous and sensuous bronze casts of the body sculptural works that she makes.

Lucas has an exceptional memory, recalling entire pages from New York City phone books with ease. He has written multiple books about memory including co-authoring The Memory Book. In addition, Lucas serves on several boards in local organizations.

Professional Career

Kody Frederick holds multiple roles at Julien’s Auctions, from gallery management and event production, to marketing event promotion. She strives to ensure Julien’s Auctions remains the go-to auction house for celebrity estates and Rock ‘N’ Roll memorabilia.

Formerly of Forced Exposure Music Distribution, she brings an appreciation for art, music and sports mementos into the auction world. An adept sourcer, she strives to identify new business opportunities while continuously expanding her clientele base.

Darren stands out in the industry with his deep appreciation of pop culture and innovative marketing plans, setting him apart. Thanks to this strategy he has amassed a global buying audience for Julien’s Auctions. Additionally Darren devotes time and efforts towards charitable work on behalf of Julien’s Auctions as an advocate for MusiCares (the Recording Academy’s charity that assists musicians).

Achievement and Honors

Lucas Auctions of Portland, Oregon has become well-known for accepting high-quality automobile consignments at their auction house and breaking numerous auction records along the way. Lucas also conducts online auctions.

Not only do they sell rare and unique objects, they specialize in classic cars. Their clients include collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts of classic vehicles.

The Lucas Museum has made significant acquisitions of African American art, including a record-shattering painting by Colescott. Sandra Jackson-Dumont, one of the few Black directors leading mainstream U.S. art museums, selected this piece and secured it for their permanent collection – it showcased their commitment to collecting work by underrepresented artists as well as increasing female representation within its ranks and countering stereotyped depictions of female bodies by Colescott’s piece.

Personal Life

Lucas Samaras is an internationally-acclaimed multidisciplinary artist who is best known for exploring and distorting self-image through Polaroids and boxed environments. A founding member of Fluxus movement, he also excels as both painter and sculptor.

He has raised millions for non-profits with his polished auctions and master of ceremonies skills, graduating from the World Wide College of Auctioneering with his designation as Benefit Auctioneer Specialist.

Lupe is Lucas’s playful subversion of traditional notions of gender and sexuality. Crafted in bronze cast form, her sensuous curves echo Henry Moore’s sculptures as she suggests corporeal fragments such as arms or breasts; thus challenging any assumptions of male dominance in her representation of physical pleasure and desire.

Net Worth

George Lucas donated all of the $4 billion he earned from selling his company to Disney to charity with an emphasis on education improvement, taking advantage of lower capital gains tax rates while simultaneously mitigating estate tax liability at his death. By doing this, he also saved on capital gains tax rates as well as estate tax costs at time of death.

Lucas is estimated to be worth approximately $10 billion and his net worth has steadily grown since selling Lucasfilm. Along with Star Wars, his success lies not only with film and TV projects such as Indiana Jones but also through starting up companies such as THX Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light and Magic as subcontractors of Lucasfilm.

Lucas defied early ambitions of becoming a race car driver by becoming one of America’s wealthiest celebrities – worth more than Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan combined!

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