Lucas Ballard

Lucas Ballard is a Financial Advisor at TD AMERITRADE

At times, public records may list an individual under multiple names due to typos or international variations (e.g. Lenny vs Leonard).

At the turn of the 20th Century, Thomas M. Dunshee was compiling histories of English Township pioneers when he wrote Allen Jacobs asking about John Ballard – first settler both of English Township and Lucas County who arrived there in April 1846.

Early Life and Education

Lucas is a small town located in eastern Kansas, situated among Post Rock Country and Smoky Hills. Wilson Lake is the cleanest lake in Kansas.

At an adult stage, Ballard became interested in tide pools and marine geology. He eventually earned his Masters in Marine Geophysics before beginning diving adventures underwater.

He participated in several projects, such as surveying the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and diving to 20,000 feet in Cayman Trough. These expeditions allowed him to map ocean floor features as well as detect thermal vents.

He has also donated extensively to his alma mater, University of Southern California, helping build modern education buildings at its School of Cinematic Arts. Additionally, he founded Edutopia as a nonprofit to drive educational innovation.

Professional Career

Lucas Ballard works as a financial advisor at TD AMERITRADE and holds Series 63, SIE and Series 7 licenses as a registered representative. Lucas offers investment strategies designed to help his clients meet their goals.

Ballard also founded the JASON Project, an international initiative that brings natural phenomena into classrooms around the globe and has reached more than 1.7 million students so far.

Ballard and his family work closely with Cargo Services to organize a graduation party for children who have overcome great difficulties, serving as living proof that hard work pays off. This event shows children how they have the power to reach their dreams by working together towards common goals while believing in themselves and persevering until success comes their way – something Ballard learned first-hand himself when facing his own obstacles at school.

Achievement and Honors

Graeme Ballard earned two silver medals at the 2016 European Para Athletics Championships, after just missing out on winning any at World Para Athletics Doha and finishing fifth overall in both events.

He created an automated submarine camera called ANGUS to survey the ocean floor while also taking live images. With this tool in place, his team could survey it quickly and capture live images of life beneath its waters.

He also founded JASON, an educational program which promotes scientific exploration among schoolchildren worldwide. Children participating have learned everything from volcanoes and storm systems, with over 1.7 million students being exposed to its educational material; receiving numerous honors such as the Lindbergh Award from National Geographic Society and Explorers Medal for its efforts.

Personal Life

Ballard Lucas and Dorothy Pearl Vail settled at Moyock Elementary School in Virginia where their son participated in Cub Scouts, raising two children before she was stationed with the Air Force and sent off to Germany – taking their family along. Throughout her military service period they traveled all around America and the world with her.

He was well known for his efforts with church youth, helping several young men become Eagle Scouts. Additionally, he founded and successfully operated his own home building company; was active in his local community; donated generously to charities and schools.

Keion’s grandmother told NewsChannel 3 that while Keion has shown strength since Lucas passed, he misses him deeply and misses spending time together. A GoFundMe page was established to assist with funeral costs; Keion and his family are thankful to everyone in their community who has offered assistance.

Net Worth

Delmas Perry “Del” Ballard Jr. is an accomplished professional ten pin bowler with 13 PBA Tour titles and total earnings of $1,130,857 over his career. He is married to top female bowler Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and lives in North Richland Hills, Texas.

Ballard was honored to be honored with induction into both the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame and Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Fame in 2010. Additionally, he is part owner of Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain as well as active supporter in his community.

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