Lucas Dowell

Lucas Dowell, a Fallen Virginia State Trooper, Was Honored at a Memorial Service Thursday

Dowell hails from Chilhowie and graduated from Virginia State Police’s 122nd Basic Session in November 2014. As part of his patrol duties for Lynchburg, Amherst County and Campbell Counties as well as serving on Appomattox Division’s Tactical Team he patrolled with great success.

On February 4th 2019, he was shot as he and other members of his tactical team entered a home to secure it for search warrant in connection with an ongoing narcotics investigation. Two troopers immediately opened fire upon him, which resulted in his death.

Early Life and Education

Today, family and friends of Virginia State Trooper Lucas Dowell are remembering him as someone who cared deeply for others. Lucas Dowell hails from Chilhowie and graduated from Radford University before being killed while helping execute a search warrant in Cumberland County last February.

Dowell began his dance training at Sadler’s Wells Ballet School (then located in Barons Court) in 1948 under June Hampshire, who had danced with the Royal Ballet herself. She nurtured him while providing instruction.

Early on with the Royal Ballet, he appeared as Oberon in Mendelssohn’s melodic Nocturne and elegant Monotones; Benvolio in Kenneth MacMillan’s historic production of Romeo and Juliet was another highlight, along with being cast as Narrator for Igor Stravinsky’s opera-oratorio Oedipus Rex with American Ballet Theatre Tokyo Ballet and Joffrey Ballet respectively.

Professional Career

Dowell was an exceptional member of the Virginia State Police Tactical team. According to co-workers, he displayed both talent and dedication for law enforcement. A memorial service in Appomattox on Thursday paid their respects in his memory.

Dowell’s hidden talents include juggling and guitar playing. In addition, his impressive climbing abilities include many difficult problems climbed while competing in the New Zealand Bouldering Series Circuit.

He was selected by the Titans in the seventh round (228th overall) of the 2023 NFL Draft and boasts an unusual combination of size, speed, and ball skills which should give him a competitive edge at professional level. A versatile player he is capable of playing both tight end and wide receiver positions.

Achievement and Honors

Dowell is not only a member of the University Honors program but is also actively involved with K-State Speech Team and won 14th place at an American Forensic Association tournament. Furthermore, he founded Dowell Lecture Series which allows students to present lectures of their choosing on any subject matter to teachers and administration.

He took over from Norman Morrice as artistic director of the Royal Ballet and quickly raised technical standards while nurturing world-renowned talents such as Darcey Bussell, Jonathan Cope, Sylvie Guillem and Carlos Acosta. Additionally he became well known for his groundbreaking productions of classical works like Mendelssohn’s Nocturne and Kenneth MacMillan’s Oedipus Rex – two works which feature prominently at their performances at Royal Opera House London. To commemorate him a portrait was commissioned from National Portrait Gallery London which depicts him with their patronage of artist Ian Scott-Hole

Personal Life

Today in Smyth County, Virginia was held a special memorial ceremony to remember Virginia State Trooper Lucas Dowell who was shot while helping Piedmont Regional Drug and Gang Task Force with serving a search warrant on Cumberland Road near Farmville.

At age five, he began training at Sadler’s Wells Ballet School, then in Barons Court, London, under June Hampshire who instilled both discipline and affection into her pupil.

In 1984 he became assistant to Norman Morrice, director of the Royal Ballet. During this period he oversaw an increased focus on technical standards as well as encouraging and nurturing world-class talent such as Darcey Bussell, Jonathan Cope and Sylvie Guillem.

Net Worth

McDowell has earned himself an enviable reputation within the golf world and his tournament earnings have greatly expanded his net worth. Furthermore, endorsement deals add even further financial security for McDowell.

Mcdowell boasts an expansive business portfolio that encompasses golf course design, restaurant businesses and investments. Furthermore, he is an active social media personality as well as being one of the nation’s renowned golfers.

G-Mac Foundation and has contributed his winnings to various charities. He sponsors Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children as well as supporting Special Olympics. An enthusiastic racing driver himself, he has competed in Xfinity Series racing for over four years.

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