Lucas Garber

Lucas Garber – An Attorney Who Specializes in Business Litigation and Estates

Lucas Garber of Centre County stands accused of child pornography. Investigators discovered him by subpoenaing internet service providers and Google, after receiving subpoenas for internet activity providers that shared child pornographic files with groups where he belonged. Garber admitted joining groups that shared child porn files but denied actually viewing any.

Garber is a business litigator who practices across North Carolina’s state and federal courts. He specializes in commercial and fiduciary litigation.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Garber specializes in business litigation and estate administration. Currently practicing at Shumaker, a national firm where he serves as partner and Manufacturing Business Sector Co-Chair; Lucas holds his legal license in North Carolina.

He currently teaches adjunctly at Wake Forest University School of Law and has published many articles in the areas of commercial and intellectual property law.

Garber graduated Carrollton High School where he excelled as both a football and basketball player during his prep career, becoming four-time section champion in basketball and two-time all-stater in football. Additionally, he competed in track competition and earned a scholarship to SIUE before settling down in Mt. Zion with his wife and two children.

Professional Career

Garber’s research centers around systematically identifying functional genomic elements, including large intergenic non-coding RNAs. He has also created comparative sequence analysis methods to study evolution of genome segmental duplications and transcriptional responses to pathogens.

He has extensive litigation experience, drafting briefs for dispositive motions and representing clients in arbitration proceedings as well as handling complex corporate disputes and construction litigation matters.

Victor Garber has long been one of the stars of both big screen movies like Titanic and Alias and small screen shows such as The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Additionally, he has taken on theatrical roles like Hello Dolly! in London’s West End.

Achievement and Honors

She achieved academic distinction while simultaneously appearing in many movies and television series – such as Carbon Copy and Academy Award-nominated Glory.

MacKenze Kiser, a senior Criminal Justice major and Psychology minor from Oregon has been honored with the Walt Risler Memorial Scholarship for her commitment and participation in class discussions, making her an outstanding student who can analyze difficult material effectively despite challenges presented. We’re very happy to honor MacKenze with this accolade!

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Personal Life

Lucas Garber lives in Charlotte with his wife Laura. As one of Shumaker’s youngest partners, he specializes in commercial and fiduciary litigation – being licensed to practice before all state and federal courts across North Carolina and South Carolina.

Shumaker also counts him among its Manufacturing Business Sector members and co-chairs this group. Additionally, he has experience conducting jury and bench trials both state and federal courts successfully.

Kelly Garber loved spending her days with her family: her husband of 42 years, Tim; son Lucas; daughter Emma; brother Mark; sisters Stacey Vickers (and Mickey Vickers), Marlene Barnhart (and other friends who became like family), nieces and nephews – as well as many friends she considered family members. Kelly attended Dennison Foursquare Church as an active homemaker who enjoyed spending her days with them all.

Net Worth

Lucas Glover currently boasts a net worth of $27,071,093 and has so far amassed $1.008,734. His average annual career earnings stand at around $1.3535555 per annum.

At first, he worked both in television and film, but his acting career soon took center stage when he took on the lead role as Dr. Philip Chandler on NBC’s medical drama St. Elsewhere (1982). Since then he has gone on to star in films like The Pelican Brief (1993), Philadelphia (1995) and Crimson Tide (1996) before making his directorial debut with Antwone Fisher (2002).

He currently serves as Shumaker’s Manufacturing Business Sector Co-Chair, with a practice focused on commercial litigation for clients from industries including marketing, manufacturing, financial technology, cyber security and banking. Licensed to practice law in all state and federal courts in North Carolina.

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