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Buying a Lucas 12 Volt Headlight Bulbs

No matter whether it’s for a car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle – Lucas 12V bulb range offers the ideal solution with over 99% parc coverage including dip beam headlight bulbs, main headlight bulbs, indicators and much more!

France’s special “Le Mans 24” light unit used a Shell adaptor 554909 combined with Lucas bulb holder 562303 designed for BA21d 3 pin bulb bases; such a headlamp was not legal in the US at that time.

Early Life and Education

Lucas is insatiably curious, which led him to explore and experience cultures around the globe. It’s his thirst for adventure that led him down this path towards diving as a career choice.

His career as a diver has been nothing short of extraordinary, earning numerous awards and honors, such as PADI Master SCUBA Diving Certification.

He’s had the honor of sharing his knowledge and love for scuba diving with children through Kids on Board, his youth-focused nonprofit organization. Additionally, he’s become a highly-acclaimed lecturer teaching students from around the world.

Professional Career

Luca has held various roles within Lucas Technologies, including software developer, project manager, and mobile device provisioning engineer. In these capacities he was responsible for device configuration, image standardization, security standards implementation, working closely with stakeholders and vendors to integrate devices seamlessly into Lucas’ technology ecosystem, among many others.

LUCAS offers a vast array of 12V car bulbs suitable for every light application, including dip beam headlights, main beam bulbs, indicators, repeaters, tail lights, brake lights, reverse lamps, front and rear fogs and number plate bulbs.

Lucas pattern PLC5 ignition/lighting switch found on Triumph, Sunbeam and BSA motorcycles as well as some Norton Commando disc brake models.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas began as an automotive brand; however, company founder Joseph Lucas first ventured into bicycle oil lamps sales for penny farthings back in 1878. Since then, Elta Lighting of Birmingham UK have revived the Lucas marque with their range of cycling products including their famous King of the Road lamp.

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Personal Life

While an incandescent bulb emits light in all directions, a headlamp’s reflector and lens work to focus it in one direction – meaning a good quality replacement lamp can make all the difference to its look and performance on your car’s headlamps.

Lucas offers an expansive 24 Volt automotive bulb selection with 99% parc coverage of dip and main beam bulbs, indicators, repeaters, tail lights, brake and reverse lights, front fogs and number plate lamps. Their team of expert staff are on hand to work closely with bulk orders as well as logistic requirements in order to make sure your requirements are fulfilled.

LEDs are more energy efficient than halogen bulbs, producing less heat while lasting on average longer. Lucas Lighting stands behind their bulbs with a three year warranty when installed by one of their preferred retailers.

Net Worth

No matter if it be HID, LED or halogen, many consumers fail to appreciate the science of light and its tradeoffs. Too many consumers presume a brighter headlight is superior; unfortunately this does not take into account lumens, temperature (color) and what the human eye processes as well as DOT approval issues for any modified lights being installed if using bulbs other than what came standard in their vehicle.

Joseph Lucas established his company in 1860 to produce general pressed metal products such as scoops and pans, moving to Great King Street in Birmingham after 1882 as part of its move and later becoming a key provider for British manufacturers of magnetos, dynamos, windscreen wipers, electrical components etc.

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