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Mary Lanham Herrick Lucas, 84, Passed Away January 21, 2022

Mary Lanham Herrick Lucas, aged 84, passed away January 21, 2022 at her residence. She was the widow of Thomas Marcus Lucas and had two children and six grandchildren.

Remodeling Design, an offshoot of Herrick’s Modern Touches remodeling company, has seen considerable success since its establishment. Their client list spans the country as well as internationally.

Early Life and Education

After 10 years in business, Herrick finally achieved what had always seemed within reach: American Graffiti (1973), an emotionally charged film about early 1960s youth culture that would become an unexpected box office hit and make Herrick enough money to establish Lucasfilm Ltd. — later one of Hollywood’s prestigious special effects workshops.

Herrick was assigned to No. 25 Squadron, flying Bristol Blenheim light bombers on night patrols for No. 25 Squadron. In September 1940 he scored the squadron’s first victories of World War II by downing two Heinkel He 111 bombers, making his actions one of its cornerstones of victory.

Luke drifts through his days at school without much care for any particular activity; just waddling school, swimming in the reservoir and eating takeaway pizza. Over time he forms strong relationships with his neighbors, particularly a Vietnamese-Australian couple who introduce him to banh mi and provide coffees as gifts.

Professional Career

Herrick accomplished much in spite of a lack of formal training. His films became some of the greatest hits from the 70s and ’80s, drawing praise both from critics and audiences alike.

Since that time, he has directed and written extensively. His first feature film Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB won first prize at a student film festival. Additionally, he produced some documentaries, such as an award-winning behind-the-scenes feature about Coppola’s 1970 movie Gimme Shelter.

Marine Lucas epitomized all that makes him a Royal Marine Commando; brave, determined, cheerful. He was deeply dedicated to his fiancee and daughter – both deeply important parts of his life – before he made the ultimate sacrifice during an operation to clear Improvised Explosive Devices from an area in Afghanistan which threatened both their safety and that of local populations.

Achievement and Honors

She joined the Journalism team this year and enjoys writing feature pieces and editing the newspaper. Additionally, she practices yoga, works part-time as a barista, loves country music and plans on continuing her journalism studies in the future.

Herrick received permission in June 1942 to establish and direct the Women’s Royal New Zealand Naval Service (WRNZNS), adapting their administration and policy based on those used by British WRNS but with consideration for New Zealand conditions.

She was honored with the WRNZNS Silver Fish award, the highest honour bestowed upon Girl Guides members. Herrick’s leadership and discipline were highly esteemed and she believed strongly in developing young women into confident individuals so they could reach their full potential. Additionally, Herrick was an early pioneer of camping and outdoor activities specifically tailored for girls.

Personal Life

Herrick was an esteemed leader of the Girl Guide movement for many years. Her strong beliefs in discipline and strong leadership were demonstrated through the training she provided her girls. Herrick encouraged independence, self-reliance and helping each of them achieve their full potential through inspiring leadership skills that encouraged independence.

Herrick moved to Hollywood with the hopes of making his living as an artist; his parents expected he would enroll either at Art Students League or Chicago Art Institute. Instead, however, acting became his career by chance; auditioning for Flower Drum Song he won a role as Chinese man – often cast in such roles were doctors, lawyers and business executives – which he described as being like playing good Boy Scout roles (such as Charlie Chan sidekick roles). He even served as Charlie Chan’s sidekick!

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