Lucas Hicks

Lucas Hicks – A Beloved Husband, Father, Son, Brother and Friend

Lucas Charles Hicks from Rural Hope, Kansas passed peacefully away August 18th after a lifetime of love as husband, father, son, brother and friend.

Lucas left behind an extraordinary legacy, including the Front Porch Fellowship award given annually to someone who embodies Lucas’ approach to folk music as community: sharing tunes, songs and stories face-to-face (or, as Lucas would put it: knee-to-knee) in celebration.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Hicks excelled academically throughout school, earning 36 on the ACT exam and many 800s on Advanced Placement tests. Additionally, he earned four qualifying marks for American Invitational Mathematics Competition as well as scholarships to Wentworth Institute of Technology and Suffolk University.

He worked at a Co-op near Hope and drove grain trucks to farmers’ fields. Gentry and Olivia, his two young daughters, adored him dearly; on their living room bookshelf can be found framed notes they exchanged throughout high school: “LOVE U!,” and “Good luck 2nite!!”.

But despite their love for their hometown, few see a long-term future here. Population is in decline due to a lack of jobs, services and housing options – not forgetting drunk driving being part of rural community life.

Professional Career

After graduating from Spelman College, an historically black institution, she went on to complete her law degree at University of Iowa. Since then, her efforts have focused on helping youth and improving their quality of life; she has collaborated with multiple organizations like Covenant Youth Development Corporation and Urban Minority Alcohol and Drug Outreach Program to assist young people in reaching their goals.

As part of her professional experience, she has held positions such as Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor and Public Defender Assistant, Toledo City Council Member and the first African American female Mayor from 2015-2018. Furthermore, she was actively engaged in community-based efforts, serving on the boards for both Urban Minority Alcohol and Drug Outreach Program and Frederick Douglass Community Center respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas Hicks was a loyal friend, loving son and dedicated husband and father who deeply loved Katelyn and Gentry Kam Hicks – his daughter with curly auburn hair, brown eyes, dimples and her daddy’s laugh! Additionally he is survived by both of his parents from Herington Kansas: Charlie Hicks (father) and Kim Hicks (mother).

In his memory, his family and friends have created the Front Porch Fellowship as a tribute to his music and community contributions. Open to anyone from anywhere playing any instrument – regardless of age – this fellowship honors his passion for traditional music; an eagerness to learn and share; love of people. Tuition fees and board are included at Fiddle Tunes; for more details click here.

Personal Life

Lucas Charles Hicks from Rural Hope, Kansas was an outstanding husband, father, son, and friend. He deeply loved his wife Katelyn and daughter Gentry Kam. Lucas enjoyed spending his free time at his farm where his sense of humor would always bring a smile from its presence.

Lucas was an iconic performer, composer, instructor and square dance caller at the Hermit Music Festival. His approach exemplified its concept of folk music as shared community experience — passing tunes, songs and stories person-to-person or, as Lucas would put it “knee-to-knee,” with great joyousness and enthusiasm.

In his memory, the Hermit Festival established the Front Porch Fellowship – open to anyone from anywhere who embodies musical ethos – which is awarded annually and provides tuition, room, and board at Fiddle Tunes.

Net Worth

He has provided representation for high net worth individuals, funds, and banks in complex international litigation and arbitration cases related to financial services, trusts, fraud, contentious insolvency proceedings, corporate governance/shareholder issues and reputational matters. In particular he specializes in disputes involving complex assets.

He currently resides with Shannon Sullivan and frequently shares close selfies of themselves on their respective social media accounts. Together they also have one daughter together named Gentry Kam Hicks.

He made his acting debut in 2016 horror flick Sinister 2, as Milo. Since then he has made two guest appearances as Jamie Fields on Chicago Fire. Most notably he is well known for playing Gilbert Blythe in Anne with an E on Netflix as well as Nathan Daldry/A in Every Day and Jeff Owings in To the Stars 2021 dramas.

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