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Hornbeam CPAM Limited – Lucas Andrew Edwards

Carpinus betulus makes for an excellent screening or garden tree, reaching 30 feet (9 meters in height). Additionally, this versatile species makes an excellent hedging choice.

This hornbeam, when first planted, will start out narrow, eventually broadening as it matures. Its dark green leaves take on an amethyst hue in autumn before finally dissolving into yellow hues as autumn approaches.

Early Life and Education

Carpinus betulus

A medium-sized tree, the hornbeam is an integral component of Irish gardens for its beauty, privacy screening and shade it provides. Furthermore, its wood is valued in carpentry and woodturning projects – historically this strength made hornbeam ideal for use as an ox yoke material.

Its leaves are simple, alternate, oblong and double serrated; these leaves may measure 2-5″ long in summer before turning golden yellow in autumn. Additionally, this tree bears wind-pollinated pendulous catkins in spring.

This variety of hornbeam has a very compact upright form, ideal for large and small gardens alike. It thrives in Ireland’s cool, moist climate and tolerates wind exposure; preferring full sun or partial shade conditions in their surroundings; suitable as hedging material or planted rows along driveways and avenues.

Professional Career

He began his career with Walker Son & Packman in London before transitioning to Commission for New Towns. Since 2004, he has spent 14 years with Douglas Duff before joining Willowbrite Ltd and later becoming founding Partner of Hornbeam CPAM Limited in 2008.

He is a member of both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Institute of Land Management, possessing vast expertise in commercial property. Working with institutional investors, private landlords, management companies and management companies alike. In his free time he enjoys long distance open water swimming events like triathlons.

Personal Life

Hornbeam trees serve a number of decorative and functional purposes in any garden, both decoratively and practically. Their dense foliage makes them popular options for hedging or topiary work, and its sturdy wood makes it great at withstanding wind gusts – they can even be planted en masse to form privacy screens!

Carpinus betulus Lucas thrives in Ireland’s climate and makes an excellent addition to both large and small gardens alike. Preferring full sun or partial shade conditions, it thrives well under any soil type condition imaginable and even tolerates drought conditions; though its preferring moist sites. Furthermore, this species also tolerates pollution well and thrives well even when grown exposed or in protected settings.

The ‘Lucas’ cultivar boasts an upright fastigiate habit that makes it an excellent choice for hedging. Hardy yet quick-regenerating post pruning, its leaves remain vibrant yellow throughout autumn and winter for optimal foliage color retention.

Net Worth

Lucas Andrew Edwards, known by his social media handle ‘Icycol’ from Kentucky is an 18-year-old TikTok star and YouTuber with over 140,000 subscribers on both platforms. He’s widely renowned for his original content creation that draws large fan followings across his channels; making money by using YouTube AdSense and receiving various promotional brand deals to monetize his videos he hosts online.

Carpinus betulus Lucas is an ideal addition to Irish gardens, serving both decorative and utilitarian functions. From creating dense foliage in tall form as a specimen tree to wind resistance in making a hedge.

Plants grow best in full sunlight or partial shade and prefer moist soil with moderate clay content, as they tolerate pollution well and make an excellent choice for urban environments.

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