Lucas Kowalczyk

Ivone Kowalczyk is well known for her four year marriage to American film and television writer Andy Dick, which ended in their divorce in 1990 for unknown reasons; possibly including drug experimentation by Andy or allegations of sexual harassment on his part.

Early Life and Education

George Lucas was born on a walnut ranch near Modesto, California and attended Thomas Downey High School before an accident changed his plans to become a professional race car driver.

Lucas attended the University of Southern California film program and made several critically-acclaimed student films, such as Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB which won first prize at the National Student Film Festival. As part of his coursework he observed film classes as Finian’s Rainbow was shooting nearby; this gave him insight into his future career path.

At this point, Lucas met Haskell Wexler, a cinematographer and one of his mentors. Wexler would go on to shoot several of Lucas’ films, and later was credited by him with encouraging him towards becoming a director and founding American Zoetrope studio.

Professional Career

Lucas Kowalczyk may not be an easily recognized name, but her story with American comedian, actor, musician, television and film producer Andy Dick has thrust her into the public eye. Their marriage lasted four years before life’s divergent currents separated them.

At present, Kowalczyk remains shrouded in mystery in terms of both her professional pursuits and private life. Since her divorce from Dick, she has not been seen publicly or on social media and there is no indication she plans on returning to public attention anytime soon.

Kowalczyk is an attorney at our firm’s Appellate Practice Group and White Collar Defense and Investigations Group, as well as our Appellate and White Collar Practice Groups. As part of these groups, she has written numerous briefs at both certiorari and merits stages in federal and state appellate courts as well as litigated numerous cases on issues including bankruptcy, antitrust law, constitutional law and healthcare law.

Achievement and Honors

Kowalczyk has received numerous honors and awards during his career, such as the Martindale-Hubble Client Choice Award and annual inclusion on New York Super Lawyers list since 2007. He has represented major corporate clients in an array of legal areas relating to antitrust, securities, patent litigation and class action suits.

His efforts have resulted in numerous noteworthy achievements, such as winning in the Supreme Court an appeal involving Puerto Rico’s Financial Oversight and Management Board’s sovereign immunity. Additionally, he has successfully represented clients before the First Circuit Court and other federal courts.

Lucas Kowalczyk married American comedian Andy Dick in 1986, and they welcomed Lucas together. However, their marriage ended abruptly in 1990 – though its exact cause remains unknown.

Personal Life

Ivone Kowalczyk remains relatively quiet about her personal life and does not participate in public discussions of it. However, she is best known for her four year marriage to American comedian Andy Dick (before their decision to separate). Although the cause of their split remains unknown, factors like drug experimentation by Andy, accusations of sexual harassment by other individuals in their relationship, or strange behaviors could all have played a part in its demise.

Andy revealed in a 2006 interview that he is bisexual, attracted both to those of similar and opposite gender. Unfortunately, Ivone remains unaware of Andy’s sexual orientation despite attempts at mutual awareness; currently she prefers leading an isolated life with their son.

Net Worth

Kowalczyk amasses an estimated net worth of $8 Million, with most of his fortune derived from his work as lead singer of rock band Live. Formed in the late 80s and released its first album (Remember When?) in 1991 to Platinum status; their 1994 release Throwing Copper saw even greater success and produced several hit singles.

After departing Live in 2009, Kowalczyk pursued a solo career. His debut solo album Alive was released in 2010 and quickly reached number six on Billboard charts.

Kowalczyk is both an attorney and active in political activism, appearing in music videos to support various candidates as well as participating in several charitable events. Additionally, he has extensive pro bono work history.

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