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George Lucas – The Man Behind the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Magazines

Lucas has always appreciated the magazine format and creating publications people wish to keep. Additionally, he enjoys woodworking projects such as building small furniture projects and cabinetry.

His passion for painting drew him towards animation, but over time he discovered visual film–or film freed of narrative form.

Early Life and Education

Lucas originally desired a career as a race car driver but after an near fatal accident with his modified Fiat was forced to change course. Instead he studied film in community college, becoming adept with camera techniques. Later he joined a local studio where Francis Ford Coppola introduced him and started developing his moviemaking empire.

He is involved with a hemophilia advocacy group and shoots video for the Junior National Championship baseball tournament for hemophiliacs. In college he hopes to study multi-media, applying to Georgia Southern, SCAD and Clemson; additionally running all three camera services at his church as well as volunteering at infusion camps for hemophiliac children he is an excellent example of someone using their success to help others.

Professional Career

Lucas loves exploring remote destinations and taking breathtaking landscape photographs, and has established one of the most successful careers in his field.

Lucas boasts an impressive list of achievements outside his role at NBC. He has made appearances in popular television series and movies like Paramount’s Yellowstone as an actor or producer.

Knee High Magazine is also founded and published by him, dedicated to street-level culture in Japan. Featuring male and female perspectives as well as both Japanese and foreign ones for an in-depth view of global issues – making this magazine immensely popular – as well as being featured by multiple prominent websites.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas co-wrote and directed American Graffiti before creating Star Wars, an Academy Award-winning hit that combined cutting-edge technology with classic storytelling techniques – forever altering movie viewing habits!

Lucas won the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, our nation’s highest accolade for technological achievement, in 2004.

Lucas, who grew up reading Baby-Sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High books, has always found books “to be windows into other people’s lives.” While there are some general guidelines provided to judges by the foundation, most selections are ultimately their choice.

Personal Life

Lucas is married to Krista and they share Lucille together. Together they post family photos on their fashion-oriented Instagram account @chicmeetsweststyle.

Lucas believes well-made magazines can have an enormous impact on culture by opening up our minds to people and places we might otherwise miss. He calls this “widescreen thinking,” whereby publication expands viewers’ viewpoints enough for them to experience life differently.

Outside of work, Lucas enjoys working on creative projects and exploring nature. As a hobby, he builds small furniture projects and cabinetry. An avid reader and video game player, Lucas is particularly intrigued by how visuals can play an essential part in an investigative piece.

Net Worth

George Lucas is a multibillionaire thanks to the success of Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Additionally, his stake in Disney adds significantly to his net worth; nonetheless, despite this wealth he continues to devote time and resources to charitable work.

Additionally, he runs a podcast, writes essays for online magazines, and contributes liner notes and audio commentary for DVD releases. Furthermore, he has appeared as a guest on multiple radio shows.

Scarfone hails from Hamilton Ontario and has been photographing high-end automotive culture for more than a decade now. Working closely with manufacturers and high net-worth clients at various race tracks, shows, and special events worldwide; while also enjoying woodworking projects to create small gifts for family and friends. Scarfone also loves exploring different cultures through the lens of his camera lens.

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