Lucas Phillips

Lucas Phillips – Queen Elizabeth’s Tenth Great-Grandchild

Lucas Philip Tindall is Queen Elizabeth’s tenth great-grandson. Born March 21st to Zara and Mike Tindall as their third child (after Mia and Lena).

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Early Life and Education

Lucas has made several television appearances as Zach Florrick in The Good Wife, Ben 10: Race Against Time and 13 – among many others – as well as making films appearances.

He attended Faucett-Vestavia Elementary, Collins-Riverside Middle School and Tuscaloosa County High School; RISE provided extracurricular programming while National Honor Society membership was a given.

He was survived by his wife, two sons, and three daughters. He was a charter member of Leesburg Host Lions Club as well as 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, Bethel Presbyterian Church Leesburg, Sons of Confederacy, US Army veteran (he had died due to heart attack), Sons of Confederacy as well as Bethel Presbyterian Church Leesburg as a Son. Upon his passing due to heart attack his body was interred at Kimper Cemetery with family creating a memorial page dedicated to remembering him and honor his legacy.

Professional Career

Lucas Phillips has enjoyed an exciting professional journey. In 2008 he made his Broadway debut starring as Evan Goldman in 13; other theatre credits include an incredible performance of The Little Prince with New York City Opera at Lincoln Center which The New York Times described as “smashing”.

Lucas Phillips retired as a player from football in 2011, taking up refereeing in the National Rugby League (NRL). After spending most of 2010 officiating NSW Cup (reserve grade), he made his first-grade debut as a touch judge during Round 26 of 2009 season of NRL play.

Since 2014, he has been employed at NREL as part of the Residential Buildings Research Group, supporting projects related to energy efficiency integration in both new and existing buildings. Additionally, he has performed laboratory testing of building technologies like humidity control systems, residential HVAC/AC units and ground source heat pump water heaters.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas’ professional career flourished following his memorization of the entire Manhattan phone book. This feat won him press, as it was performed at parties and for writers like Dick Schaap; Schaap later noted how this stunt “rearranged my chromosomes.”

Lucas played less often for New York in 1970-71 but still averaged over 19 points and 15.6 rebounds per game – playing an integral part in New York’s 1972 NBA finals victory over Los Angeles and Wilt Chamberlain.

Amanda Phillips de Lucas is Director for Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance – Jacob France Institute (BNIA-JFI). Prior to coming here, Amanda conducted research at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies studying how communities utilize technical data as part of advocacy strategies.

Personal Life

Lucas Phillips served in both the Virginia House of Delegates and Leesburg as mayor. In these roles he held positions on agriculture, banking and school committees – as well as sitting on Loudoun County School Board and being an active member of Lions Club.

He is married and the proud parent of two children, including Lucas. Lucas enjoys gardening and deer hunting in his free time as well as music from different genres and performing with a local theatre company.

Zara Tindall and Mike Tindall’s youngest child, Mia Tindall is Queen Elizabeth’s tenth great-grandchild and 24th in line to the British throne. Mia and Lena Tindall both preceded him. Mia first made an appearance at her grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations in 2021.

Net Worth

Lucas is Zara and Mike’s third child together, following daughters Mia and Lena. In 2018, Sam, their autistic son was also born. Lucas is Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s tenth great-grandchild and 24th in line to the British throne.

Mike shared on The Good, the Bad and the Rugby podcast that he didn’t get much sleep before giving birth. Additionally, he ran around trying to locate a suitable surface for his wife to give birth on.

As an avid reader and gardener, he has written several books on both subjects. Additionally, he hosts An Officer and a Movie on The Military Channel where theatrical World War II dramas are combined with discussion breaks featuring members of both military intelligence services.

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