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MIT Assistant Professor of Philosophy – Lucas Stanczyk

One of the pillars of free societies is individual freedom to decide where they live and work; however, there may be instances when larger societal needs outweigh individual decisions, according to Lucas Stanczyk of MIT’s Department of Sociology.

Stanczyk explores whether justice-oriented programs that force skilled professionals to move overseas comply with basic principles.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Stanczyk joined MIT’s faculty as an assistant professor of political science in April 2012 after earning his Ph.D. at Harvard’s Government Department. His research explores the intersection between political philosophy and political economy with an emphasis on distributive justice issues as well as moral and political thought history.

One of the core tenets of free societies is that individuals should have freedom in where and what kind of work they choose to do, but can there be instances where greater societal needs trump individual choice? For example, if environmental damage becomes serious enough that people must protect it even when it may not be in their best interest? That’s what lucas stanczyk wants to explore in his research.

Professional Career

Lucas Stanczyk is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy with expertise in political philosophy and intellectual history. His interests lie mainly within these fields; these range from energy policy ethics and economic justice, to developing a theory of production justice. Lucas Stanczyk also serves as a member of Harvard Safra Center for Ethics as well as serving as Edmond J. Safra Graduate Fellow in Ethics.

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Achievement and Honors

Lucas Stanczyk is an assistant professor of political science at MIT. His research lies at the intersection of political philosophy and political economy; his areas of interest include economic justice issues, climate change ethics, political theory history and its development over time. Lucas has held fellowships at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs; Project on Justice Welfare & Economics; as well as Harvard Safra Center for Ethics.

He joined MIT faculty as an instructor after graduating from Harvard’s Government Department, conducting extensive research in political philosophy, constitutional law and legal theory, history of moral and political thought as well as on issues surrounding social justice and redistribution. His doctoral dissertation explores this topic further while also working on developing a theory of production justice.

Personal Life

Lucas Stanczyk is an assistant professor of political science at MIT who studies issues at the intersection of philosophy, politics, and economics. His research centers around economic justice issues related to climate change as well as ethics of climate change ethics. He draws inspiration for his work from ancient philosophy texts, history of ideas research papers and liberal thought literature from around the globe.

One tenet of free societies is that individuals should have the freedom to choose where and what kind of work they want to do; but are there times when wider societal needs outweigh individual choice? Lucas Stanczyk of MIT’s assistant professor of political science investigates this topic with his first book discussing citizens’ legitimate claim on fair shares of society’s free time.

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