Lucas Widman

Lucas Widman, Senior News Producer for TMZ Sports, Has Passed Away

Lucas Widman has long been an ardent Carolina basketball fan. After dropping out of law school due to preferring attending games over torts classes, he now works for TMZ Sports as the senior news producer, covering a blockbuster game which could alter the trajectory of his life forever.

He’s going to join Harvey Levin in the VIP section, but can he remain composed under pressure?

Early Life and Education

Lifelong sports fan, he attended Central High School in Fayetteville and Trinity Lutheran Church in Crestline. An avid card player, he found great pleasure playing cards with family and friends – especially playing cards! He leaves behind his wife, daughters, sons and 2 granddaughters to cherish his legacy and memorial contributions may be made to Trinity Lutheran Church or any charity of your choice in his memory.

Widman, having previously served as a producer at the TMZ Sports Desk, is no stranger to celebrity gossip and news. But his invitation to appear in the blockbuster movie Zuckerberg vs Musk may prove the greatest challenge yet for Widman; writer Alan Nafzger’s description of it as a campy comedy promises to put Widman’s reporting and acting skills through their paces as an actor in this campy comedy will likely test his reporting and acting capabilities while simultaneously fulfilling his duties as sports journalist?

Professional Career

Lucas Widman has been with TMZ Sports since 2015, serving as senior news producer. A true lover of Justin Bieber, Cleveland sports, Blackpink and Cedar Point he also enjoys traveling to fight events for MMA competitions.

Widman will play himself as a reporter covering an epic showdown between Zuckerberg and Musk at Minute Maid Park, providing insightful commentary. As both an avid sports fan and journalist, he offers unique perspectives to this compelling tale.

Widman will put his reporting and acting skills to the test in this movie, which promises to be both campy and captivating with plenty of twists and turns. Will Widman become star-struck by tech billionaires or provide his own unique performance?

Achievement and Honors

As with his colleagues at TMZ, Widman is passionate about sports, pop culture and more. Being asked to appear in this blockbuster film represents an exceptional opportunity for Widman to showcase his skills – but could also put his journalistic integrity under strain.

Rising Stars have recognized him as one of the top attorneys in each state. These honors are bestowed on only a select few lawyers chosen through an independent research process.

He holds memberships in both the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry, in addition to membership in St. Clair District Dental Society and Illinois Dental Association. Furthermore, he is certified professional mediator. Involved in numerous civil litigation cases and trials.

Personal Life

The Zuritas have made an enormously selfless commitment to Kansas City by leaving behind their current home, jobs and children for Kansas City. They rely on your support in making this work possible.

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