Lucius Thomas

Lucius Thomas, Jamaica’s 25th Police Commissioner, Dies at 73

Thomas was an exceptionally charismatic individual with impressive interpersonal skills who earned the respect of many both within and beyond the Jamaica Police Federation (JCF).

At a service at Boulevard Baptist Church in St Andrew last Wednesday, hundreds of rank and file police officers led by Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson turned out in their numbers to pay their respects and give thanks.

Early Life and Education

Lucius Thomas, the Jamaica’s 25th police commissioner until his retirement in October 2007, was remembered by family and friends at a special thanksgiving service yesterday. A St Ann native, Thomas was remembered for always showing appreciation to rank-and-file colleagues, earning their lasting esteem and respect.

Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron, chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation and police officers’ representative, noted that Thomas maintained an open door policy so anyone could come visit him without making an appointment first. “You didn’t need an appointment,” Cameron added.

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Professional Career

Lucius Thomas left Murray Mountain All-Age School in St Ann and joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), eventually rising through its ranks to become police commissioner for two years before leaving his post.

Inspector Philmar Powell gave an eulogy for her uncle during a thanksgiving service held at Boulevard Baptist Church in St Andrew on Wednesday. She described him as being a gentle and unassuming individual with an incredible capacity for generosity that exceeded all expectations.

Senior Superintendent Wayne Cameron paid his former boss tribute, noting how he always put others before himself and handled any situation with grace and humility.

Achievement and Honors

Lucius Thomas was laid to rest Wednesday. At 73 years old, Thomas served in Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), rising through its ranks before eventually serving as commissioner from 2005-2007. An elaborate memorial service took place Wednesday at Boulevard Baptist Church in St Andrew. Hundreds of policemen, Government and Opposition officials, family, friends and admirers of Lucius Thomas were present for his funeral at this memorial service held there in St Andrew.

His charming personality and smooth silhouette singing voice will be sorely missed by many. He treasured family time, attending every birthday party, cookout or holiday celebration; keeping in touch with friends by calling or visiting, always having an open door policy; all while remaining true to himself with a heart of gold that will live on through all that knew him.

Personal Life

Lucius Thomas, Jamaica’s 25th police commissioner who rose through the ranks to succeed Francis Forbes as commissioner in 2005 before leaving in October 2007 due to health reasons, passed away Wednesday at age 73. Thomas was widely loved and respected by rank-and-file members of Jamaica Constabulary Force and widely-liked among his contemporaries.

Dr Gary Buddoo-Fletcher of the JCF noted that former police commissioner Jack Buddoo-Fletcher “walked with kings but never lost his common touch.” His door was always open and he remained on the side of those he served; often driving around with wads of cash for officers on patrol, his generosity would often surprise them on the road.

He lived his entire life by the principles of Stoicism, which emphasize moderation and the pursuit of happiness. His works have been translated into English translation by Gummere (Letters) and Inwood (Dialogi or Moral Essays), respectively. Additionally, he was an ordained minister.

Net Worth

Lucius Thomas was a highly esteemed Jamaican police officer. After serving over 31 years for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), he retired in 2007. Lucius is survived by his wife, three sons, and one daughter.

Powell remembers him fondly during his divine tenure: He was known as the commissioner who always walked with smiles and anticipation of great gifts; also an example of great humility and respect for people, carrying himself with integrity and dignity which no one could dispute.”

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