Lucky Jewellery Types To Add To Your Good Luck Collection

Do you believe in luck? More importantly, do you believe that certain objects can attract luck? If you do, then you’re in for a treat! In the wide and diverse world of jewellery, there’s a special niche dedicated to ‘good luck’ or ‘lucky’ jewellery.

The Power of Lucky Jewellery

While it’s true that luck is largely a subjective concept, there’s no denying the allure and charm that lucky jewellery possesses. These pieces, adorned with symbolic motifs or made with certain gemstones, have been popular across cultures for centuries. They’re believed to attract good fortune, ward off evil, and set the stage for success and prosperity. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Good Luck Jewellery

Lucky Symbols in Jewellery


Can you recall the last time you saw a horseshoe and thought, “Hey, that’s a symbol of good luck!”? Well, you’re not alone. Horseshoe-shaped pendants, charms, and rings have been celebrated for their supposed ability to attract good fortune.

Four-Leaf Clovers

A rare find in nature, four-leaf clovers are synonymous with luck. Their likeness in the form of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can make a valuable addition to your good luck collection.

Evil Eye Amulets

Protection against the evil eye has been a concern across various cultures. Wearing an evil eye amulet is believed to reflect negative energy and bring good luck.

Gemstones for Good Luck


Known as the “Success Stone”, Citrine is believed to attract prosperity. It’s not just a stunning stone, but a beacon of positivity too.


This sparkling gemstone is known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, believed to bring luck especially in games of chance.


Celebrated for its bold, fiery hues, Carnelian is said to be a stone of motivation, endurance, and courage—qualities that can undoubtedly lead to success.

Incorporating Lucky Jewellery Into Your Collection

Wearing and Caring for Lucky Jewellery

Embracing lucky jewellery can add an element of mystique and personal significance to your collection. But remember, the jewellery’s power comes from your belief in it. Wear it with confidence, and take good care of it—clean it regularly and store it safely to maintain its allure and charm. You can visit for more information about lucky jewellery.


Lucky jewellery carries more than just ornamental value. It’s a testament to human faith in the unseen, the hope we carry for better days, and our innate love for symbols and stories. While it may or may not increase your luck, it certainly adds a dash of charm and intrigue to your persona—and who knows, it might just tip the scales of fortune in your favor!


  1. What is lucky jewellery? Lucky jewellery refers to pieces of jewellery that are believed to bring good luck to the wearer. This could be because of the symbols they carry or the gemstones they are made of.
  2. What are some common symbols in lucky jewellery? Horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and evil eye amulets are among the popular symbols used in lucky jewellery.
  3. What are some gemstones believed to bring luck? Some of the gemstones associated with luck include Citrine, Aventurine, and Carnelian.
  4. How should I care for my lucky jewellery? Like all jewellery, lucky pieces should be cleaned regularly and stored safely when not in use.
  5. Will wearing lucky jewellery guarantee good fortune? The power of lucky jewellery is subjective and greatly depends on the wearer’s belief in its abilities.

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