Ludacris How Low Brown Eyed Girl Remix

How Low Brown Eyed Girl Remix by Ludacris

Ludacris’ “How Low Brown Eyed Girl” is an erotic dance track with an underground vibe. The song features a trio of girls dancing to the beat. The video starts out with the girls talking into the camera about Ludacris. The girls then dance in front of a mirror to the beat. As they dance in front of the mirror, their reflections show them in the mirrored image of Ludacris. The video then progresses with shots of Ludacris in a club. It also features a black light and scenes of masked men and backup dancers.

The original “How Low” was released as the lead single of Ludacris’ Battle of the Sexes album. It was premiered live at Atlanta’s BET Hip Hop Awards. The song samples Public Enemy’s “Bring the Noise” and features a sample of Carla Henderson. The song received many accolades, including a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance in 2011 for Ludacris. It lost to Eminem’s “Not afraid.” The song also has two official remixes.

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