Luke Wallner

Meet Luke Wallner, a Rocky Top University Graduate Student

Wallner provided the team with a steady voice and presence both on and off of the court. From practice sessions and conditioning to home work-outs and even personal conversations at home, he instilled one key principle into their Vol tennis program: By not setting limits for yourself you can go as far as desired.

Early Life and Education

Wallner grew up in Minnesota watching Twins stars like Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer hit home runs at the Metrodome. He dreamt of someday donning their uniform himself.

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Lucas has gained knowledge and skills through various short-term courses and programs as well as online learning platforms such as CodeOp and DataCamp, where he participated actively to gain expertise and gain knowledge. Through these platforms he learned a range of disciplines such as Full Stack Development, Power BI and Business Intelligence.

Professional Career

With some gutsy maneuvering, he has weaponized the rule allowing batters hit by pitches to reach first base when hit, scoring himself a free–albeit painful–trip to first base on many occasions. And it is happening at an astonishing rate.

He excels at positioning his hands into the high-and-tight zone of the strike zone, making himself an attractive target for pitchers throwing outside of the strike zone. And he has made himself into an ideal target; his plunk totals surpass those of Alexi Casilla, Jason Kubel and Gio Urshela combined!

Lukas Wallner of FC Liefering in the Bundesliga has proven himself an able defender this year, making ten appearances and playing 593 minutes while scoring one goal – earning himself an appearance from Austria national team as well.

Achievement and Honors

Lucas has earned many honors and awards during his professional career, such as the ASM Metallographic Award; this prestigious recognition honoring the best entry into an ASM metallography competition is considered the ultimate accolade a metallographer can receive.

Lucas recently won a top 12 placement at an international contest for nonfiction shorts with her documentary film, A Perfect Record, featuring Dean Sime of Fargo Record Fair fame as its star subject.

Wallner is a 62 rated CB who plays for RB Salzburg in Austria’s Osterreichische Fussball-Bundesliga league. At 192 cm tall and left footed, this left footed player boasts two star skill moves, three star weak foot moves, and has an average defensive work rate.

Personal Life

Lucas Wallner and Lisa have been happily married since 2017, and together have two children. Lucas attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before embarking upon his football playing career. Before entering professional music, Wallner used his musical background as an asset when playing college football.

Wallner currently plays for FC Liefering and was part of the Austrian youth national team from all youth levels until his first-team debut against SCR Altach on October 20, 2022. Additionally, he was on the squad against Aserbaidschan and Montenegro on November 21, 2021.

He stands 192 cm (6’4″), has a left foot, and plays as a defender. In FIFA 19 he holds a rating of 62 with medium attacking work rates, two star skill moves, and three star weak foot ratings.

Net Worth

Luke Wallner currently boasts a net worth of $5 Million, amassing it through his income as a professional footballer and investments in several businesses. As his career as an athlete continues, this figure should continue to increase exponentially.

Luke J Wallner currently resides at 7256 164th Ln NE Forest Lake MN 55025 in Anoka County and has two children and a spouse.

FM2023 rates him 62 and describes him as an Austrian left-footed defender playing for RB Salzburg in O. Bundesliga. His work rates are medium with three 3-star weak feet ratings. His best chemistry style is BASIC while his contract ends on 30 June 2025 without minimum fee release clause and at 19 Years, 1 Month and 4 Days old in FM2023.

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