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Magical Christmas

Are you already looking forward to the Christmas season ?! If so, then it’s time to drink tea, decorate your own four walls in red and sip punch and mulled wine at the Christmas market.

We have prepared some tips for you for December and the Christmas season and wish you a lot of fun decorating!


That comes: Festive tables are decorated every year in December. Whether for Advent brunch or Christmas Eve – this time of year you can really go to the fullest in deco style. The red color is always the most beautiful strategic signal for Advent. There are no limits to your own creativity, because rich red can be wonderfully combined with things from nature such as dried pine cones, bare branches, ivy tendrils or cinnamon sticks. Together with warm spicy tones, white and wood, it makes every living room cozy and creates a Christmas atmosphere. Bows made of burlap and sisal as well as the traditional plaid patterns also go well with this. Different checks can be easily combined with each other if the choice of colors remains the same.

That goes away: Cool materials such as metallic fabrics or smooth silk are going back into the drawers for the time being. Because your home shouldn’t look cool and fresh in December, but cozy and inviting. The ice age outside is enough.

That remains: Velvet is and will always be a favorite. The fabric of kings gives every apartment a slightly royal look – wonderful at this time of the year. Cushions, curtains, bedspreads and upholstered furniture made of velvet, which shimmer in beautiful colors, make your home wonderfully cozy. And here is a tip for you to do yourself: With so-called trimmings such as decorative ribbons, borders, fringes and cords in different colors, you can decorate your simple velvet cushions in a few simple steps. In this way, they quickly become beautiful, unique pieces.

With a velvet cover in rich red, matching the time of year, even grandma’s favorite armchair can be transformed from a dust catcher to an eye-catcher in the living room, because velvet has a special charm.

It is not for nothing that velvet is called the cloth of kings. Its production is quite complex: two layers of fabric are woven together in loops with a warp thread. These are then cut through. The result is yarn ends up to 3 mm long that form the pile. If the ends of the yarn are longer, it is called velor.





bows-made-of-pluck-and-sisal-as well as-traditional-checked-patterns-go-well-with-this-season





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