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Magnificent interiors with metallic elements that deserve a gold medal

The moderately distributed metallic elements in the interior are a good way to introduce a stylish and luxurious note into the ambience. In this article we will show you some magnificent interiors with gold, silver and bronze elements that you can also use at home. Be creative and choose the right metallic decoration for your home.

Living room ideas living room sofa golden legs

Eclectic living room with gold accents

The golden cladding of the wall above the double doors gives the facade of this building a strong personal touch. The effect of the gold is enhanced by the light bodies, which emit a mildly directed light. The special charm in the outdoor area cannot go unnoticed.

Garden design golden elements home ideas outdoor area

Metallic elements in the outdoor area underline the personality of the building

Such a fancy bar cabinet! The fronts are plain white, but when you open the door, the gorgeous gold comes out. The practical design on different levels enables the convenient storage of many glasses and bottles. This unexpected surprise is sure to fascinate your guests. For the benefit!

Living ideas bar cabinet deco gold

The party closet is well taken care of for the evening

Great golden design elements and a skilfully selected wall color transform the uncomplicated atmosphere in this living room into something special. The deep nostalgic blue can be perfectly combined with the golden lamps and side tables. This color concept has been a classic for centuries.

modern living room in blue living ideas light gold

Put modern design accents in the living room to update its look

The kitchen deserves some gold too. The simple white furniture is elegantly pepped up with golden elements. A faucet, a light body and small handles on the cupboards are completely sufficient to give the ambience an exquisite feeling of luxury.

Home ideas faucet gold kitchen white cabinets

The practical kitchen can also look luxurious

Feel like a queen in your bedroom! Choose a cold pastel color for the walls and textiles in the room and set great golden accents for a stylish and gorgeous look. In our picture example, the noble gray is combined with golden pendant lights and simple bedside tables with golden frames.

stylish bedroom in gray living ideas back of the head upholstered golden lamp

The padded headboard in the bedroom is not only comfortable, but also very charming and stylish

Sometimes the room just needs a little golden shimmer to get a luxurious look. A good example of this is this sleek white bathroom with a rounded mirror with a gold frame.

Mirror golden frame home ideas trendy bathroom

A cool mirror can completely change the atmosphere in the bathroom

Don’t forget the brass and silver. They have a delicate charisma, but create very impressive accents in the room. This simple wall decoration in metallic nuances harmonizes with the flooring and the brick wall and creates a trendy and luxurious look in the room.

Living ideas wall design old gold silver bronze white armchair

Exquisite wall decoration made of metallic squares

Combining white with gold is always a good thing. Both colors go well together. In this bedroom, the golden dots on the ceiling, together with the golden handles and light bodies, create an exquisite and luxurious look.

Living ideas wall design youth room golden points

You have to feel comfortable in the bedroom and the right design in the room helps

This chic kitchen is a great example of how you can change the overall look of the room with just a few touches. Just imagine that white marble-topped kitchen – nothing impressive. But when the golden lamps, handles and faucet appear, the atmosphere changes completely.

Kitchen worktop marble living ideas faucet gold

Luxurious and practical kitchen in white with gold accents

Old gold can be perfectly combined with dark wood nuances and natural textiles. This classic bedroom carries the spirit of old times and offers full comfort to its owners.

Living room ideas bedroom bedside table gold mirror on the wall

Comfortable bedroom with retro accents

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